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Jul 7, 2008 01:43 PM

Delivery east of White Rock Lake?

Can you help this Philadelphian, Texas hounds?

Some dear friends near Dallas had their first baby yesterday and as I searched for super-cute, overly-hip onesies that their child will outgrow in 36 hours, I realized a much better baby gift would be a gift certificate to a restaurant that delivers. They should be spending any spare time sleeping, not cooking or driving to pick up food!

Are there any places you all would recommend that deliver to the area east of White Rock Lake but still inside 635, north of 30? Ideally not too pricey - I'm not exactly Rockefeller here - maybe as much as $15-$20 for an entree?

Ethnicity is no consideration - these guys eat everything. And if delivery is scarce in those parts, I'm sure they can deal with takeout.

So what do you think? Any chance?

Thank you thank you!

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  1. Dear Killer....glad you added the last part about takeout . I can't think of anyone doing delivery , but the Highland Park Cafeteria should be just what you are looking for....great home cooked food , and quite a variety as well . They have a special section that deals only with takeout . Hours are 11:00 to 8:00 , and your friends will like the food . 214-324-5000 .

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      Despite the limited-sounding name, Picasso's Pizza serves much more than pizza. The have an enormous menu posted online at the link below. Their food is very good, even for delivery.

      They take orders meticulously and their drivers are quick and courteous. They deliver to my home in Forest Hills, which is just east of White Rock Lake.

    2. We used to ADORE Chinese from New Peking: 10233 E Northwest Hwy # 434
      Dallas, TX 75238, (214) 221-0134

      1. Angelo's in Lakewood delivers. Pretty extensive Italian menu with good pizza.

        1. I'm gonna go with Picasso's too. Just because of the variety.

          1. Thank all of you so much for your replies!

            As luck would have it, my friends live outside EVERYONE'S delivery area, so I'm going to go with Highland Park Cafeteria since it's the closest.

            Again - thanks pinotho, younggreenanne, ChristieP, lhtcook, and Kudzu1313!!!

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              I wanted to throw in my thoughts about this too. I moved from the knox-henderson area to NW HWY close to Plano Rd in Lake what a delivery waste land. I second or third the recommendation for Picasso's. Not only are the calzones and pizzas good, but the salads, burgers and other sandwiches are too. Plus the fact that they have the most courteous customer service when you call and order. They all follow a script and everyone is very consistant and professional. You can tell they're very young but they all keep it together very well and we've never had an order written wrong. My 2 cents.