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Jul 7, 2008 01:13 PM

Robert's Steak House -- Dress Code?

The office is taking a group of us to Robert’s for a congratulatory dinner. All puns aside, is there a dress code? Will I be turned away in jeans and a dress shirt?

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  1. You shouldn't be turned away ... I was there with friends recently--all dressed in jeans with collared shirts (some even untucked).

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    1. re: Kanger

      That's correct. They may say something to you at the door but they aren't going to turn you away from a $100 dinner.

        1. re: bruniroberts

          The steaks good, the service terrible, the scenery not what is was.

          1. re: bruniroberts

            Roberts is good for guys who are out to have a good time with a good, but way overpriced meal. You're paying for the experience of course. If you love stripclubs, the frat crowd, and megaclubs then Roberts is for you. It's all about eating meat with eye candy.

            If you are looking for a great steak with old-school New York ambiance, Sparks, Lugers, Keens are for you. They do the steakhouse best. Then you can get a lap dance at where they do that best.

        2. Smart casual is fine. I wore nice jeans with an untucked collared shirt and casual dressy shoes (not sneakers).