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Jul 7, 2008 01:12 PM

Vegetarian sandwich options

Hi everyone. I'm trying to eat as many vegetarian meals as possible, but as an avid meat-eater I'm having a hard time changing habits. One thing in particular I'm having trouble with is what to make for my lunch that I bring to work.

Right now, I have been making turkey sandwiches on wheat bread. So, I'm trying to phase out the turkey. Can anyone suggest good and simple sandwich combinations that are vegetarian?

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  1. My friend loves philly cheese (steak) sandwiches without the meat. Onions, peppers and melted cheese on a roll.
    I like "caprese sandwiches"....tomato, basil, mozzarella, with a little pesto drizzled in there.

    1. Egg salad
      PB & J
      Avocado, lettuce, tomato
      Avocado, cheese
      Tomato Cheese
      Bean burrito

      1. Vegetarian sandwich fillings, combine in whatever way you can imagine!

        cream cheese (try with jam for a sweet version, or with sliced raw veggies)
        sliced tomatoes (tomato and mayo sandwiches are great in summer)
        sliced onions
        grilled onions
        sliced avocado
        sliced cucumbers
        grilled eggplant
        grilled or roasted red peppers
        peanut butter
        butter (plain on a baguette works fine for me! try adding sliced radish)
        sundried tomatoes
        sliced apples
        sliced bananas

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          My little sister became vegetarian a year ago, and loves sautéing portobello mushrooms and onions, putting that on bread, and topping with mozzarella.

        2. Avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and sprouts on wheatberry / whole wheat bread.
          Cream cheese, chopped green olives, sundried tomatoes, shredded lettuce on tortilla and rolled up.
          Olive pesto/tapenade, smoked gouda, tomato, with lots of crunchy lettuce on ciabatta.
          I'd also suggest a container of hummus with veggies on the side for a change from sandwiches - celery, endive, carrots, cucumber rounds, etc. Bring along a chunk of feta, some rye-crisp crackers and a piece of fruit and that's a perfect lunch for me.

          1. In the past, I've grilled or roasted eggplant slices, tomato slices, onion, slices (which you can do in bulk and set aside in the 'frig) and put those on a good crusty roll with a drizzle of pesto. Hot, cold, room temperature, it's good!