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Jul 7, 2008 01:09 PM

Disney Quick Service Meals

Kinda boring, I know - but any recommendations for Quick Service Meals using the Disney Dining Plan?


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  1. I'm assuming that by Quick Service Meals you mean places that offer buffet and/or counter service. Our family went to Disney a few months ago and we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. There's a restaurant there called Boma which offers an extensive buffet. I'm not particularly attracted to buffets usually but it was really good. We actually had breakfast there the next morning! The nice thing was that it was quick and comfortable. Reservations are recommended. We made reservations about a half hour before and they honored it!

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      Not really buffets but counter service. I just wasn't sure how varied some of the counter service locations are and I wanted to try something new...

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        They vary considerably by park & within parks. For me, the best is EPCOT & the worst is the Magic Kingdom. The AllEars site mentioned below will not only give you reviews of even the smallest kiosk,but will also let you look at their menus.

        A Florida annual pass holder

      1. If you're limiting it to counter service you're going to be sorely disappointed. Animal Kingdom actually has pretty decent counter-service (the barbecue heading towards Dinoland and the Pizzafari eatery as you head towards Africa are pretty good). If you want variety in counter service with a little entertainment, Cosmic Ray's (in front of the Tomorrowland speedway, next to the Mad Tea Cups) has three counters serving entirely different menu items. Some of the EPCOT countries do have passable counter service if you can't eat in the table service restaurants (like China), but counter service is the one thing that all of the non-Disney parks in the area do better.

        Unfortunately, the good meals to be had inside of the parks are all table service.

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          I already have my table service meals reserved. I was just looking for tips on quick service. I know quick service isn't going to be the best food - but it's part of the dining plan so I have to use it.

          Here is my other post on my table service selections:

          Thanks for your advice though! :)

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            We were just there in May. I loved Animal Kingdom most of all in an overall sense, but I definitely agree with the BBQ suggestion. Surprisingly good- even the baked beans side.

          2. Animal Kingdom...another vote for the barbeque
            Magic Kingdom...not a fan of Cosmic Ray's. If I'm forced to eat in this park, it's Casey's for dogs & the McD's french fry stand
            Epcot...Kringla Bakeri og Cafe, Fish & Chips by the Rose & Crown

            1. When we were there in 2006, I had the best luck with whatever menu item at a given place seemed kind of quirky and not showing up on the menu everywhere else. Had a good chicken salad with jicama somewhere in Adventureland, and vegetarian chili at that back lot place in MGM.

              Tommorowland Terrace, I made the mistake of getting the chicken caesar that seemed to pop up in multiple places, and there was so much HFCS in the salad dressing (yes, it was supposed to be caesar dressing) that it was inedible.