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Seeking Genuine Recos for a casual Lunch spot in Newport RI

Looking high and low for a great lunch menu spot for non pretentious foodies where the bill won't cost an arm and a leg for bad food. Any places with good lunch specials? Not overly crowded and not too far from Newport's downtown.

From what I've been reading, I'm thinking maybe Yesterday's Ale House, Panini Grill, Brick Alley Pub or The Mooring.


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  1. I love The Mooring. Not arm & a leg, but not cheap, so check out the menu/prices online and see what you think. I just can't recommend Brick Alley and cannot figure out why so many have a love affair w/this place. It's just a kind of rundown pub w/burgers & potato skins. Why the love?

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      although not quite in newport,bangkok city ,in nearby middletown,on valley rd,is one of the best thai places that ive ever been to.great lunch menu,super friendly staff,good prices,etc.tiger tear salad is awesome.its maybe 10 mins from down town,a few miles past the beaches.the smokehouse ,right in the heart of it,has a great crab,corn chowder and pretty good bbq.and by the way,the brick alley is anything but run down,its almost alittle to sterile,if you know what i mean.

    2. We recently enjoyed a tasty and dirt cheap lunch at Pour Judgement. If you are a beer drinker, you will be duly rewarded by their taps.

      1. in response only to your list above (which leaves out plenty of suggestions, but no real standouts) - Yesterdays is like a little fancier TGIF, Panini Grill is a take out place (basically), not a restaurant, Brick Alley is also a little fancier TGIF (staff is knowledgeable - sp? - and friendly, The Mooring is pretty good, with a great view and a nice ambiance, as a visitor The Mooring is your best bet out of the bunch.

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          Had the misfortune of having breakfast at Gary's Handy Lunch (1st Sept 08).
          Unfortunately I took a seat where I could see the food being prepared
          and observed some very dubious standards of hygiene being exercised
          by the guy preparing the food. When my breakfast arrived it looked
          absolutely horrendous (see picture) and didn’t taste much better.
          All in all a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

          On the plus side it was fairly reasonably priced, although my money
          would have better off being invested in a Sausage & Egg McMuffin down
          the road.

        2. Gary's Handy Lunch, on Thames St, is a local institution. Non-pretentious? Oh yes.
          Cash only. Go more than twice and they will remember what you've ordered. And LaForge Casino, on Bellevue, has a nice room overlooking the grass court at the Tennis Hall of Fame that is good. Although I must admit I haven't been in a while.

          1. Coincidentally, I just ate at the Salvation Cafe last night for the first time (have been meaning to get there but never have made it). Definitely lowbrow enough, in terms of totally unpretentious, welcoming, funky, kid-friendly (we were there w/two kids, ages 10 and 7)----not sure if it fits the bill in terms of inexpensive enough----I guess that's relative.

            Our bill came to $101 and change before tip----this included my sangria, the husband's mojito, a cheese plate a bowl of seafood chowder (w/tarragon lemon creme fraiche, ohhh yes), two entrees, an entree salad and a kids' entree. Every one of us thought it was 100% worth it and can't wait to go back.

            Husband had the salmon teriyaki----thought it was great, but when he tasted my lobster risotto (the backdrop for the three large seared sea scallops) he was jealous. My 10 yr old loved the cheese plate and her roasted peach/blue cheese salad----nothing left on her plate but the peach skin. Husband also reports that the seafood chowder was incredible. The fried spinach is so wrong, but oh so right----have never had it cooked that way before and I'm very much sold on it.

            A whole family of converts here, who can't wait to eat there again.

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              Is Salvation Cafe open for lunch now?

            2. The White Horse Tavern is good for lunch. New items on the lunch menu and plenty of parking and out door seating. Plus good walking distance of downtown newport.

              1. Here's a different suggestion...go to Oldport Marine right next to the Moorings Restaurant ( on the right hand side). From here, you can take the boat transport over to Goat Island for $3.00 per person. Your short ride in the harbor will give you a different perspective of the city and the many boats that visit each summer. When you disembark at Goat Island, it is a short walk over to the Harborview Restaurant on your left. Sitting outside, you can enjoy the views of the harbor. There are lunch specials...we enjoyed burgers here and fried clams for lunch. It's also open for dinner but we did not eat their for dinner. Alternatively, you can walk over to the Hyatt and eat at Pineapples outside and enjoy a view of a different part of the bay. We have had lunch here- burgers are good and the drinks are great. Talk a walk behind the Hyatt and enjoy the different views of the bay and the Goat Island Lighthouse. When you are done, call Oldport Marine to pick you up at Goat Island. If you don't have their number, you can ask the staff at the Marina to call for you.

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                  Emily, I love Pineapples but we've always driven - I didn't know they had a watertaxi.....thanks!

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                    The water taxi is for everyone with boats on moorings in the harbor or at the marina at Goat Island. But, anyone can take the boat. It's kinda fun to get up close and personal with the big boats in the harbor.

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                      walking works too.belle.on the causeway out to the hyatt,in the boatyard ,is pretty solid breakfast -lunch hidden gem.and you cant get much closer to the boats.

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                        How is the lunch at the Elms? We got there at 2 this past Saturday and they were all out of food, but it seems like they have sandwiches and salads sourced from RI purveyors ... the locations is pretty spectacular (it's in the old carriage house and has a nice courtyard with tables, too)

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                          could you give the address for belles? im also looking for a great breakfast in newport.. thanks!