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Jul 7, 2008 12:50 PM

Seafood in Portland

Hi, NW 'hounds.
Will be in Portland a week in July, and got the skinny on Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, and BBQ. Thanks for thoughtful, detailed posts.
BUT very little on seafood. We'd like to have at least one major fish dinner while in town, and even though it don't look good for salmon, there should be a ton of alternatives. We'll be staying mostly in Northwest, couple days downtown, and have wheels. Less interested in the exotic than the well-prepared. Price not a real obstacle, if you think the quality's there.
Thanks again,

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  1. Portland has fewer seafood restaurants than you would think. The traditional place is Jake's, but I find it to be pretty fair-to-middling in terms of quality, and full of tourists. You might try Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill in northeast Portland, which is not exclusively seafood, but which has a wide variety of fish and shellfish. Southpark is not quite as good, but would be less exotic than ASOBG. Most of the nicer restaurants do well with fish and seafood, but you might not have lots of options (there might be only one "fish" entree, for example).

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    1. I agree with Wildwood, there's always something good in the seafood dept. on that menu, almost always local. Some of the best crab cakes I have ever had are from there. And they are open for lunch (even on Sat.), which most higher-end dinner places aren't.

      I have not had good meals at ASOBG, personally. Last one there a few weeks ago was fairly miserable with mediocre fried oysters and undercooked barely warm halibut. Can't recommend it.

      I have had great fish dishes in the last couple of months at ten-01and Carlyle and there is always great sushi and related stuff at Murata, Hiroshi, and Masu East (Masu is a bit more reasonably priced, has some interesting rolls, and there is one downtown and one on the east side).

      For non-Japanese in NW/downtown/Pearl top picks would be Wildwood, ten-01 and Carlyle, definitely.

      Avoid Jake's for the touristy, mediocre-at-best place that it is.

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        Thanks all for comments, we're on the way. Will review if we find something good.


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          Agree with SS & Nettie re Wildwood, Southpark & ASOBG.
          Avoid the Jake's/McCormick Schmick empire. Total tourist trap.
          Nearly all of our best places offer fish and do it well.

      2. suggest you log into if you'd like to see more info. the recommendations so far are excellent. there are some hidden jems if you like sushi like syun in hillsboro. good luck

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          Sorry to be a naysayer, but I beg to differ. In my humble opinion, Citysearch is full of shills, mothers of the chef, friends of the owner, PR firms, and other highly unreliable sources of "reviews". Their "Best of" lists are worthless, products of vote-stacking campaigns.
          For local sites, may I suggest