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Jul 7, 2008 12:17 PM

Food in Bethany Beach, DE?

Going to visit the in-law's soon (who's idea of good food is Grotto Pizza.)
Need I say more? Help, I need some good food around Bethany Beach!

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  1. You should see the post below about Rehoboth, but here's a little recap: For fresh fish in a contemporary setting, well prepared and great taste: Blue Coast, (Bethany on Rt 1), Northeast Seafood Kitchen, (Ocean View), Catch 54, (Fenwick Island), and Fish On (Lewes), all owned by the same folks. Barbecue: Bootsies, on Rt 26 in Ocean View, a classic shack, call ahead, really good. Crabs: Mickeys, (Rt 1 Bethany), Blue Crab, (Garfield Parkway Bethany), and Fenwick Crab House, Fenwick. Breakfast: Romeo's, on Rt 26, new, good local breakfast place. Doughnuts and Baked goods: Griffs' Bakery on Route 1. Bethany Blues, Barbecue in Downtown Bethany, especially good if you have kids. Patsy's in Downtown Bethany, not good with kids, but very good with adults.

    Then there's 5 Guys hamburgers, and Baja Beach Grill. Both good lunch choices.

    1. Bethany Blues is a cool looking space with a really nice little bar.I like the brisket and the pulled pork,but I just cant get behind the ribs.It makes me nervous that there is no copious amounts of smoke pouring out of this place,as there is at all top notch BBQ places.But if your inlaws think Grotto Pizza is good,well,all bets are off.

      1. Cottage Cafe is a reliable choice, good for families. Fat Tuna in Ocean View isn't too bad either, though I find it overpriced. China Express in South Bethany is great. The staff's excellent and they'll make you anything you want. I second the nod for Blue Coast. People flock to Isabella's and DiFebo's, but I've never felt the appeal.

        I have to strongly advise against Romeo's Kitchen. This may be one of the worst breakfasts I've ever had. Also, the place has no walk-in. All packets, cans, etc. - very little fresh food.

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          Ooh, sorry to hear about Romeos. We had one breakfast there that was really good. It's very new, maybe they haven't figured it out yet.

        2. I had a very nice dinner last summer at Sedona, which is in downtown Bethany. I also really like Bethay Blues. We've had a number of good meals there.

          1. Would any of these places happen to be open year round? I’m planning a short 3-day early this March.

            Based on the recs here and elsewhere I’d like to try: Blue Coast, Northeast Seafood Kitchen, Mickey’s and/or Bethany Blues?

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            1. re: cuccubear

              Mango Mike's has a nice view. It might be a fun stop for drinks if nothing else.
              I think your list is probably good though. The Parkway was not mentioned. It is very popular in Bethany too.
              It would be a shame to miss out on Blue Coast. Those SoDel restaurants never disappoint.
              Google this article from The Washington Post about some others: The Dish on the Shore's Best Eats. I don't know anything about Sedona but it might be worth looking into while in Bethany.
              I hope you enjoy your visit!

              1. re: Lewes17266

                I think Mango Mikes and the Parkway are must-to-avoid restaurants if you're looking for food. All the SoDel restaurants are open all year, but they may not all be open every day, (Check their websites).
                Mickey's is closed until spring. Bethany Blues is open year round as well.

              2. re: cuccubear

                I recommend the Cottage Cafe. It was closing in late January for a couple of weeks and should be open again by now. Great food, great service.