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Food in Bethany Beach, DE?

Going to visit the in-law's soon (who's idea of good food is Grotto Pizza.)
Need I say more? Help, I need some good food around Bethany Beach!

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  1. You should see the post below about Rehoboth, but here's a little recap: For fresh fish in a contemporary setting, well prepared and great taste: Blue Coast, (Bethany on Rt 1), Northeast Seafood Kitchen, (Ocean View), Catch 54, (Fenwick Island), and Fish On (Lewes), all owned by the same folks. Barbecue: Bootsies, on Rt 26 in Ocean View, a classic shack, call ahead, really good. Crabs: Mickeys, (Rt 1 Bethany), Blue Crab, (Garfield Parkway Bethany), and Fenwick Crab House, Fenwick. Breakfast: Romeo's, on Rt 26, new, good local breakfast place. Doughnuts and Baked goods: Griffs' Bakery on Route 1. Bethany Blues, Barbecue in Downtown Bethany, especially good if you have kids. Patsy's in Downtown Bethany, not good with kids, but very good with adults.

    Then there's 5 Guys hamburgers, and Baja Beach Grill. Both good lunch choices.

    1. Bethany Blues is a cool looking space with a really nice little bar.I like the brisket and the pulled pork,but I just cant get behind the ribs.It makes me nervous that there is no copious amounts of smoke pouring out of this place,as there is at all top notch BBQ places.But if your inlaws think Grotto Pizza is good,well,all bets are off.

      1. Cottage Cafe is a reliable choice, good for families. Fat Tuna in Ocean View isn't too bad either, though I find it overpriced. China Express in South Bethany is great. The staff's excellent and they'll make you anything you want. I second the nod for Blue Coast. People flock to Isabella's and DiFebo's, but I've never felt the appeal.

        I have to strongly advise against Romeo's Kitchen. This may be one of the worst breakfasts I've ever had. Also, the place has no walk-in. All packets, cans, etc. - very little fresh food.

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          Ooh, sorry to hear about Romeos. We had one breakfast there that was really good. It's very new, maybe they haven't figured it out yet.

        2. I had a very nice dinner last summer at Sedona, which is in downtown Bethany. I also really like Bethay Blues. We've had a number of good meals there.

          1. Would any of these places happen to be open year round? I’m planning a short 3-day early this March.

            Based on the recs here and elsewhere I’d like to try: Blue Coast, Northeast Seafood Kitchen, Mickey’s and/or Bethany Blues?

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              Mango Mike's has a nice view. It might be a fun stop for drinks if nothing else. http://www.mangomike.blogspot.com
              I think your list is probably good though. The Parkway was not mentioned. It is very popular in Bethany too.
              It would be a shame to miss out on Blue Coast. Those SoDel restaurants never disappoint.
              Google this article from The Washington Post about some others: The Dish on the Shore's Best Eats. I don't know anything about Sedona but it might be worth looking into while in Bethany.
              I hope you enjoy your visit!

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                I think Mango Mikes and the Parkway are must-to-avoid restaurants if you're looking for food. All the SoDel restaurants are open all year, but they may not all be open every day, (Check their websites).
                Mickey's is closed until spring. Bethany Blues is open year round as well.

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                I recommend the Cottage Cafe. It was closing in late January for a couple of weeks and should be open again by now. Great food, great service.

              3. Thanks you guys! I hope my plans work out. I've never been to the Delaware beaches...I'll report back when I get back!

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                  I know the SoDel restaurants are open, I was there last week. So Blue Coast, NorthEast and Catch 54. Grotto's in West Bethany is open but not the one in S. Bethany.

                2. Took the advice here and went to Blue Coast for dinner. We got drinks and waited on the porch for a table, when I went in to use the restroom, I checked and saw our name crossed off after having waited for 45 minutes, no one called us in from outside. I pointed this out to the hostess and we were seated immediately, next to a couple who had come in after we were waiting outside for half an hour. They were already on their entrees. It was a $125 disappointment, as my entree (sea bass) was raw. Calamari that we had while waiting outside was a very good appetizer, clams were cajun flavored, very spicy for my husband who does eat spicy reguarly. Ceasar salad well done. His seafood stew was good, he said. No concession given for raw food, we were not even offered a complimentary dessert or coffee. I felt this was odd for someone in charge not to acknowledge us in some way, and I am not an obstinate person.
                  We went this morning to the Frog House in Bethany Beach for breakfast, the food was ok but the place is in need of a really good cleaning. Coffee carafe was very grimy, as was the sugar container on the table, the maple syrup (sugar free) had dried out syrup under the cap, very unappetizing. I stupidly placed my bag on the floor next to my seat and the rug was all wet by the window (hasn't rained since we were here) so my leather bag became soaked with dirty water.
                  This was our first visit to this area and I usually obsess about where to eat out and what to see when we vacation, so it was a real downer.
                  I have to say that Chow has never steered us wrong before and I won't lose faith!!

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                    The SoDel restaurants have a good reputation in this area. What a shame this happened to you, especially with such high expectations and on vacation. It would have been nice if they had not charged you at all.
                    For seafood you might like to drive into Rehoboth on your next visit to give Big Fish a try. For breakfast in Bethany, I hope you will try Cottage Cafe.

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                      I don't really think Bethany has a lot of what I call good quality/good quantity/value restaurants. Prices in all jurisdictions have gotten absurb. Portions are smaller and prices are higher. For really good food and price, we go to Nicks in the Fenwick area. We never leave hungry and it's worth the trip down Route 1; I also like Harpoon Hannas. I personally have no problem with Grottos; I do think the pizzas are overpriced. The best place for pizza and subs is Surfs Up on Garfield Parkway; the place down a few doors has excellent fried clams, no place to sit. I've been going to Bethany for 20 years and I think that China Express has been there all those years and I've heard wonderful things about them. Most of the restaurants are too fancy for me; I like simple basic food. Mangos is good for burgers, as is Five Guys. Cottage Cafe is one of our favorites, especially in the summer when they have the morning buffet. Any more a good portion of restaurants are open most of the season. They usually close after Valentines Day and reopen beginning of April. Big Fish is excellent. I've talked to locals about Bethany Blues and they all say they are not consistent. Crowds are getting worse every year. We usually eat very early or very very late.

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                        We're on our last full day in Bethany for this summer and came here last year. We ate at the Frog House last year as well and I thought the whole place stunk of a urine-like smell.

                        Bethany Blues was good this week - nothing outstanding. And I concur with the sentiment about not seeing smoke come out of the place. I'm wondering if they're smoking it elsewhere? They tout their smoke rings on the meat.

                        May be aiming for Magnolia's tonight, but also thinking the pick-up BBQ place along with some crabcakes from the market near there (other side of the road). Also thinking Cottage Cafe, but looks too safe and unadventurous (though we do have two small kids in tow).

                        1. re: Dennis S

                          We ended up doing Charlie K's, which is the new ownership of what was Bootsie's.

                          The brisket is very good. The pork is good, but they use the sauce that's better on the brisket - rather than a NC vinegar sauce. Have never seen Midwest ketchup based sauce on pulled pork. The chicken is good - but not Q'd, just grilled and slightly smoked.

                          Portion sizes are HUGE, and the staff is nice. Slaw was a tad over-peppered but decent. String beans were a little over done and a tad sweet? The rolls are good.

                      2. Well, I never made it to Bethany for dinner. We stayed in Rehoboth and I have posted on an appropriate thread...http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6199...

                        Drove through Bethany and South Bethany, but it wasn't in the cards to chow down there, thanks the same.

                        1. This thread is fairly old... heading to BB next week -- any recent updates/suggestions?

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                            I’ll stick with my basic favorites:

                            Casapullas for subs and pizza on 26 in Millville
                            5 Guys – Bethany boardwalk area- hamburgers
                            Surf’s Up – Bethany boardwalk area for subs and pizza
                            Cottage Café, Bethany – a little bit of everything; dinners a little pricey; Sat/Sun breakfast buffet excellent and cheap
                            Ocean View Diner is decent in Ocean View
                            Chinese place in the new Giant Shopping Center on Rt. 26, very good.
                            Harpoon Hannas – steak and seafood – Fenwick Island on Route 54
                            Nicks Original House of Ribs – our favorite for crab cakes and ribs – Fenwick on Route 1

                            Have a good trip.

                            Harpoon Hanna's
                            On the Bay, Fenwick Island, DE 19944