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Jul 7, 2008 12:12 PM

Indiana sweet corn

I'm originally from Indiana and now living in Baltimore.

Does anyone know of any farms or businesses that ship Indiana sweet corn to individuals? I can't find anything online.


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  1. Dave and Kaye McCullough of Davies county sell tons of corn at our (Bloomington) farmers' market. I'll ask them, but the freight would be high, as you'd want them to ship next-day air, I imagine. The crop is just now starting to come in, and the corn's delicious! I sympathize with your craving.

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      Oh, gee, I would really appreciate it and be forever grateful if you would ask! My email is if you happen to get any more info! The corn in Maryland is just not doing it for me and I grew up eating Indiana corn for 22 years so I feel utterly bereft.

      1. re: amyatkendall

        How badly do you want this? To ship a baker's dozen large ears of corn (8 1/2 pounds) from Bloomington to Baltimore would be around 45-50 dollars, including a couple of blue ice packs (added weight), styrofoam cooler, and shipping. If you're really desperate, I'd be happy to ship some. The McCulloughs tell me that people show up at market all the time and buy dozens of ears of corn to take to other states. There's just something special about Indiana sweet corn.

        1. re: pikawicca

          Thank you so much for asking - really appreciate it. Would it be possible to wait until mid-August or so until the corn really gets going? Also, please add in $ for your time and effort for this! How about if we touch base in mid-August? I can't thank you enough - can't wait for this true taste of home for this homesick Hoosier!

    2. Indiana sweet corn may be more in your mind than reality. I've had great sweet corn in Northern Virginia not all that far from Baltimore and for all I know it could have come from Georgia as the corn I had this past weekend in La Crosse, WI that tasted absolutely as good as it gets.

      I grew up in Indiana and I thought they had the best. I sold it as a kid door to door that my grandfather grew. Then I moved to Minnesota and visited inlaws on a farm in southern Minnesota. They grew sweet corn under contract for Green Giant and nothing tasted better, picked in the field, immediately shucked and put in the boiling water. Sweet corn rapidly loses flavor after picked. Local corn grown anywhere can be from great to bad depending on the weather, where it was grown and when it was picked. I would not pay a premium for having sweet corn shipped. My experience is Wegman's or Whole Foods won't fool around selling inferior sweet corn but consistency can be dicey even in Indiana.