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Jul 7, 2008 12:08 PM

Kiawah Island

Hey, my wife & I are headed to Kiawah Island for a week-long trip in two weeks. Can any one recommend any good restaurants for breakfast or dinner in the local (20-30 minute drive) area?

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  1. Chez Fish is doing well at this time of year and is right out side the Kiawah entrance.

    The Glass Onion is great in West Ashley!

    1. Don't miss the Rosebank Cafe at the Marina (between Kiawah & Seabrook) -- they have fabulous food and freshly prepared...I usually eat there at least twice in a week. I drag anybody and everybody I'm with!

      1. You should definitely try the Mustard Seed on Maybank Hwy- the Crabcakes are phenomenal!

        1. Thanks for the advice guys, my wife & I did end up going to the Rosebank and Chez Fish. Both were terrific!!!!!