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Jul 7, 2008 11:36 AM

Portland dinner recommendations for weekend trip with three daughters.

I am treating my three 30ish daughters to a weekend in Portland (we are from California and Washington). We will be staying at Hotel Monaco and I would like several dinner recommendations within walking distance. We would like something lively, but would like to l be able to converse, as we very rarely have a chance to all be together. We are open to most food types. I have made a lunch reservation for Oba on one of our days.


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  1. Ten-01 / Andina / Park Kitchen / Fratelli Cucina

    They are all in the Pearl - not downtown proper...can't really think of anything for downtown...

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      Clyde Common is downtown, and is quite lively. If you're able to get one of the upstairs tables you should be able to talk OK.

      Ten01 is only about two blocks from Clyde Common on the south end of the Pearl, so it's very accessible from downtown.

    2. Do you really have to go to Oba?

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        I think some clarification on why might be helpful, Sauce.

        I suggest canceling the resvo at Oba and making a resvo at Andina which is also open for lunch and very nearby. Oba is pretty decent and I imagine you would enjoy your time there, but things can be average there. Andina however will be something to remember.

        I don't mean to knock Oba, but it is more of a "might as well" rather than a destination or a place to go if one only had a few lunches to enjoy.

      2. I would like to thank all of you for your replies. As of now, I have booked Andina for Friday night and Ten-01 for Saturday night. The reason I chose Oba for lunch, is that one of my daughters has been there before and really enjoyed it. These plans are open to change. We are all quite excited about this trip. This will be the first time in their adult years that just the four of us have been together, no husbands or children.
        Again, all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

        1. Other non dinner options to consider:

          Teardrop Lounge has a stunning array of cocktails, to the point where it crosses over into cocktail nerdery, honestly.

          Ten-01 and Clyde Common are also no slouches when it comes to drinks, as their barstaff is also top notch. Ten-01 also has my favorite wine list. I've often ended up at both after dinner elsewhere.

          (The food at both are among my favorites in the city as well, if you're looking for a one-stop shop.)

          Cool Moon Ice Cream is up on NW 11th and Johnson, directly on the southbound streetcar line. If you prefer gelato, the two choices open to you are Mio Gelato across from Powells Books and also Via Delizia way up in the Pearl on Marshall.

          Other places you may enjoy:

          Typhoon for Thai food, and while personally I can never escape the notion that I'm paying a weeee bit too much for the food there, the food is quite good.

          Park Kitchen for a small plates / wine bar, although in the grand scheme of things, you're probably better served going to AOC in Los Angeles or Lark in Seattle. Also on that end of the North Park Blocks, you might like Gilt Club.

          I like the food at Bluehour, and while the decor is a little over the top for my taste, I begrudingly still have to give them props. They have a more demure sister restaurant, 23Hoyt in the NW 21st/23rd Shopping District.

          Since the NW 21st area is far enough away from the Hotel Monaco that you'd consider cabbing it, I won't go into all of my favorites in the neighborhood, but the two places you might enjoy are Caffe Mingo (Italian) and Wildwood (Pacific NW).

          The reason why I would reconsider Oba: too many options that blow Oba out of the water. I understand that you've been there before and had a good time, but right now is an exciting time to be a Chowhound who visits Portland.

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            Thank you SauceSupreme. I have printed out your recommendations to take with me. Looking at the websites, everything sounds great. My daughters will thank you too. Regarding lunch, what would be your suggestions for a lunch on Saturday. Something on the lighter side, as we will be going to ten-01 for dinner. Most likely we will be in the Pearl District around lunch time.