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Jul 7, 2008 11:29 AM

Pasties - Jan's Bakery&Pasty Parlor (Boulder Junction, WI)

No, not _those_ kind of pasties, but that wonderful Finnish or Welsh meat and potato turnover,, favored by miners, Yoopers and friends of good home cooking. Jan Franc (pronounced "Frank") produces some of the lightest, flakiest pasties in the Upper Midwest and these alone are worth the drive if you are up around Eagle River. Open year round, Jan makes amazing beef/potato pasties with either onion, or (the best) onion and rutabaga in a flaky, two-flour crust. They are substantial and a wonderful balance of dense filling made of coarsely grated potato mixed with simmered beef in a delicate, egg-washed crust (no lard). Each of mine were easily a pound in weight. Jan has elaborated on the original recipe of Hal (who hailed from the U.P.) and even offers a pizza pasty for those so inclined. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to pasties, so we stuck with the beef/onion and beef/onion and rutabaga. Her spicing is very mild, so you will need to add salt, pepper, allspice or ketchup as you desire.

Inexpensive and delicious. The turnovers we sampled - cherry and apple (blackberry was also on offer) had a similar taste to the French pastries of my childhood - light, toothsome without too much sweetness. The filling was more standard commercial but still good.

Jan's little red and white wooden establishment is right on the main drag in Boulder Junction, WI at 5433 Park Street - (7150 385-9333. She opens and closes early- 6 am - 2 pm except Sunday, when she is only open from 7-12. Wheelchair accessible and there are two big picnic tables under the pines at the side to enjoy your goodies.

Teamkitty - with a shout out to the Dairy Queen, as she would definitely grok the place.

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  1. Don't forget the Cornish connection! Cornish miners almost always carried pasties in their lunch buckets.

    Thanks for this review; am definitely bookmarking it and will make a run to Eagle River just to check it out.

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      Right you are about Cornwall. Enjoy - it really is a gem.


    2. It sounds so charming!--right up my alley. Thank you for letting us all know!


      1. I'll have to check that out this weekend. My grandparents live in Pence, WI which is about 10 miles away...we are always looking for the best pasties. Recently, we've been going to Joe's in Ironwood, MI.