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Jul 7, 2008 11:24 AM

New to Fort Greene Area

Hi Chowhounders,

My boyfriend and I just moved to Fort Greene (near the Atlantic Center, so technically it could be considered Boerum Hill as well I think) Does anyone have any suggestions for great restaurants in the area? We would be willing to venture into Park Slope too if there are any must-haves in that direction.


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  1. do a search here for the following restaurants:

    smoke joint
    67 burger
    taro sushi
    thomas beisel
    sushi d
    al di la
    cake man raven

    i'm not sure what fits your taste, and i cant guarantee glowing reviews of each place from everyone, but they are all at least "decent" and within walking distance of you (al di la might be a little bit of a hike, but doable, and def. worth it)

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      Thanks! These sound like good options.

    2. I just moved to the same 'hood 7 months ago (I live 2 blocks from Target) click on my posts to read some of my reviews which might help you get your bearings.

      Repeat visits:
      My favorite place in the area is Boca Lupo on Henry at Warren.
      I go to ICI for brunch a lot and keep meaning to get there for a regular meal. It's cheaper during the week (and cash only on the weekends).
      I hit up Flatbush Farm a lot, mostly just drinks, but the food is decent. Not a destination, but a good neighborhood option.
      67 burgers are great!

      Not a priority to try/ Don't bother:
      smoke joint has the driest chicken ever. BBQ is just okay. good for a craving, otherwise night of the cookers around the corner on fulton does WAY (as in 1000 times) better sides but it takes a while sometimes.
      scopella - one crappy meal I never need to go back.
      Blue Ribbon was a huge disappointment
      Same with the outpost of Mary's Fish Camp
      I hate Franny's and every time I go back and give it another try, I hate myself. But there are plenty of people that love it. Probably best to decide for yourself.

      Been meaning to get back to:
      epoca - had one solid take away meal.
      haven't been to olea in a while, but it was good.
      Waterfalls on Atlantic Ave is great!
      Long Tan is decent Thai in a lounge-y atmosphere
      Miriam does a decent brunch
      Beast on Vanderbilt does a decent little brunch too
      Buff Patty over on Myrtle (I think) is way better than Christine's for jamaican patties (and the christine's one will have you BLOATED like mad the next day - ew)

      Still haven't made it to some of the higher end fav's in the area: al di la, applewood, etc. I might check out the new General Greene this week.

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      1. re: MB fka MB

        Thank god someone else here doesn't like Franny. I couldn't STAND the pretension when I was there, and thoroughly despised the offer of a $4 (or whatever the exact price) drizzle of olio verde on the pizza. Seriously! The pizza was not that good! Everything way overpriced, the service was not memorable.

        1. re: MB fka MB

          I second that comment on Smoke Joint! I always read about how fabulous their stuff is.. not so much. I found it to be sooo dry I had to cover it in sauce. Really not a destination. Also agree that Knights of the Cookery is much better and worth checking out. I had brunch there and it was good but I would suggest dinner instead.

          As for Sushi D. I've been there 3 times and it was just okay. It is NOT a sashimi kind of place. If you want a few rolls (nothing bad, nothing great) it's ok. I however really wouldn't suggest going there. It looks nice and has outdoor seating but don't let it fool you.

          If you're into soul food: there is a great chicken and waffles place on Myrtle and Clinton (close to Vanderbilt) called Little House on Clinton. They do take out, delivery or you can sit in at one of their tables (only a few). I never had chicken and waffles but after going here I was a believer. The chicken and the waffles individually are both great- hot moist, flaky.. perfect.

          1. re: MsAlyp

            It's Night of the Cookers, not "Knights of the Cookery."

        2. Thanks, these are all great!

          1. Unfortunately, there are few truly "great" restauraunts around here. Try out the Austrian place across from BAM. Heavy stuff, but good, and the place feels like an old European train station. Epoca is pretty good, too (the main reason I like it is because the owner is so friggin nice). ICI is, in fact, pretty great, though the portions (at least for brunch) seem small. And Locanda Vini & Olii is amazing. Go there.

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            1. re: Abita7

              I've not tried Locanda... and will give it a go. I forgot about that Austrian place - what do you get there?

              1. re: Abita7

                Just a warning. Thomas Beisl (the Austrian Place across from BAM) has had a number of disastrous reviews here recently, both in food and service. Surprised no one has mentioned (or I didn't see it) Convivium Osteria, the Portuguese/Italian place just across Atlantic on Fifth. Gets great reviews here. We also like the simpler gastropub Alchemy. And we even had a decent meal at Tapeo, the new tapas place. They're all on 5th, even closer than Convivium.

              2. Olea is my dependable standby for lunch. Such a relaxing atmosphere, too.

                ICI for lunch is a good idea, though it can be heavy.

                No one's mentioned Madiba. I had one... interesting meal there. Would like to investigate again some day.

                There's also the Vietnamese sandwich shop Nicky's down at Atlantic & Bergen. Try it!