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Anyone been to the new Home?

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Apparently the new Home at Fletcher/Riverside in Silverlake is open for business. I went to the other one shortly after they opened, and while I recall that the food was decent enough, the service/attitude has kept me away for the several years since.

I've heard that they ironed out those issues, and the new space is looking pretty cute and (dare i say) homey. I am already slightly annoyed at the compulsory valet parking in their lot, but I want to like it since it is so darn convenient.

Who has an opinion?


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  1. The food at the branch on Hillhurst is ultra bland and the menu is completely lacking in imagination. Why would the new location be any different?

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      I agree, but the place is packed on the weekends. It is amazing, last time i was there had a brown romaine chicken caesar salad, I did not know romaine came in a brown variety, oh wait, it had gone bad! That was 5 years ago, why go back is right.

    2. Convenient and cute, indeed. And we only live a few blocks away so believe me we WANT SO MUCH to like it. But after breakfast there on Saturday it's unlikely we'll be back except in a pinch -- this is unimaginative food, served clumsily. To be fair, like all greasy spoons the bussers did a great job -- but the servers were non-existent. How do you pass an empty coffee cup, at breakfast, on the weekend, not once, not twice, but three times?

      Our conclusion -- this place is Perkins, without the service.

      At this price and for this type of food, stick with the Astro, unless you want booze.