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Jul 7, 2008 11:06 AM

Weekday lunch for a group in Adams Morgan

Hi there. Will be with a large group of work buddies (eight of us) in Adams Morgan on a Thursday. Is there anywhere near 18th & Columbia where we can get a good lunch? I thought of Meze or The Reef but both don't seem to be open at lunchtime. Any help? We'll be on foot with about an hour for lunch so places close by are key. One almost vegetarian in the group but everyone else is pretty open-minded food-wise... Thanks!

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  1. There is of course always the Diner which has something for everyone (including the kinda-vegetarian).

    Another option would be Bourbon (which may or may not be open for lunch--double check). This might be too far down 18th but at 18th and U I really like L'Enfant for their salads, savory (and sweet) crepes, and good beer selection. You might also want to check if Grill from Impanema or Napoleon (which I've never tried) are open for lunch.

    In that area, some of the better places are closed during lunch (Cashion's, The Reef, Perry's).

    1. You definitely might want to check out Old City- it,s just up the street on Columbıa by the Ritmo Latino store. Great toppings bar, fabulous for vegetarians although I hear the hearty protein options are pretty awesome as well. And the coffee should knock anyone out of an afternoon slump. Not fancy, but tasty!

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        Old City wouldn't really be good for a work lunch, unless you work looking for VERY casual. I was going to suggest Meze, but if it's not open there's another Middle Eastern place next to Perry's and Cashion's on Columbia (the name is escaping me). Perry's would be another option if it's open for lunch.

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          If it's open for lunch, Mama Ayesha's might be perfect.

          Maybe Mixtec (casual)?

          There's also the Spanish place on Columbia (north of 18th), above CityBikes. And El Rincon on Columbia (south of 18th, across from Cashion's). Just ideas I don't think anyone else has mentioned, but maybe not as good.

          Astor is the mideastern place next to Cashion's -- it's also very casual, I think as much as Old City, and smaller, but nice.

          Mama Ayesha's Calvert Cafe
          1967 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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            I 2nd Mama Ayesha's. I always forget to mention it but really enjoyed my meal there awhile back.

      2. Jyoti would be good. Should be vegetarian options as it's Indian.

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          Careful with Jyoti. The lunch special features 2 or 3 dishes, but they do everything in the same sauce, and just vary the solids. This was definitely true the couple times I ordered the non-vegetarian thali -- everything tasted exactly the same. So order ala carte. It's an attractive dining room, though, and it's not busy during lunch. You might persuade them to seat your group on the mezzanine level (usually closed during lunch).