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Jul 7, 2008 10:53 AM

Any Hungarian Baked Goods and few ??

Hi there everyone. Thanks in advance for any help. I am a Boston area chef visiting your lovely city with my Mother this Wednesday through Saturday. I have tried searching the board with little success to find any Hungarian Bakeries or baked goods in Montreal. My father, who has since passed, claimed that there was great Hungarian goodies in Montreal and the surrounds. I have been to Montreal several times and have found the Hongroise butcher on St. Laurent who carries a few locally made items such as pogatcha and beigli. I didn't know if there were any other options in the city or near by. Also, does anyone know if there is still a Hungarian restaurant in town?

We are staying in an apt. in the plateau quite close to APDC and the other lovely restaurants in the area. Are there any great boulangerie/bakeries in the that area? We will definitely have one meal at APDC. Any other must go places of the moment? Anybody doing anything new and fun? Any venerable places that just must be visited. Again thanks again for your help. I wish I was already scouring the Jean Talon market.

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  1. One of the remaining hungarian restaurants around is Rococo on Lincoln, just East of Guy. I can't tell you if it's good or not, as I haven't been there in years.

    I will lament with you the lack of good Hungarian bakeries and baked goods. When I was a little girl, on the corner of my grandfather;s street (beaconsfield in NDG) was a small shop that sold the best pastries (baked by a Hungarian) and various Eastern European cold cuts. I have also pleaded on this board and others for an authentic ludlab recipe, the authentic one that was the star dessert of the now long defunct coffee mill restaurant downtown.

    Bucharest deli has many imported products and a medium range of pastries some of Romanian origin some of Hungarian origin, but their quality has taken a sharp turn for the worse when they lost their hungarian patissier (or hired someone cheaper)

    Good luck.

    And if you ever come across a ludlab recipe, take pity on this fellow chef and PLEASE send it to me.

    Welcome to Montreal!

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      Hi there. Just looked through my hungarian cookbooks and couldn't find a recipe. Do you know if there is another hungarian name that I could look under. I know that it is a torta but couldn't find it. Here is a link to an online recipe. Haven't tried it myself so I can't say how great it is.

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        Ha! Knew someone was going to link to that recipe. maisonbistro should have been more specific: the legendary ludlab we're longing for has no sponge cake. In any case, you'll find a little more discussion of ludlab and mention of a Hungarian bakery in suburban Laval in the following subthread:

        For other places to go, look through the thread listing. Lots of ideas.

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          I stopped reading after seeing the sponge cake recipe. No sponge cake in an authentic ludlab. I was starting to think that maybe the people at the coffee mill had called something ludlab that really wasn't, but then when in Budapest, I had it at Gerbeaud (sp?) and a few other patisseries, and it was the same thing - in all it's glory.

          I have so many people on the lookout for a recipe that I'm starting to think it's a closely guarded national secret. LOL

          PS: The hungarian restaurant I mentioned is in the downtown area - just East of the main downtown core.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            Sorry I couldn't be of more help on your search for Ludlab. Interestingly, I looked through about 20 Hungarian cookbooks( I have a bit of a cookbook problem as my small apt would attest) and could not find any recipes for a Ludlab Torta. My only guess is that it might have an alternative name. If you have any idea on alternate names, I would love too look to see if I could find a recipe for you.