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Jul 7, 2008 10:34 AM

Carrollton dim sum

We ate at Hong Kong Royale in Carrollton last Saturday for lunch. Dim Sum! We went right at lunchtime, and had no trouble being seated immediately. Very friendly, helpful service. They gave us a menu with pictures of the dim sum offerings, so we'd know what was available and could ask for what we wanted. We tried almost everything! I liked the taro puffs, all the dumplings (especially one with spinach), some kind of fried pork pie shaped like a dumpling. It was chewy and crisp at the same time. I wasn't crazy about the bbq bun (like a glazed sweet roll or something) or the thick rice soup, but my tablemates liked them. I also didn't like the hot tea, but again, my tablemates did. Oh, the little warm egg custard tarts were great! I also appreciated the green vegetable served cold with a sweet brown sauce spooned over. What was that? It was kind of like asparagus, but not. A friend from Little Rock said it was bok choy, but it was NOT. What was it???

This west Texas girl had never had dim sum before, and I loved it!

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  1. The green vegetable you mentioned might have been Chinese broccoli. If it was more crunchy than leafy it was not snow pea tips. They also have a Chinese lettuce that is crunchy that is more vertical than our version of the lettuce. All can be found at Super H Mart in Carrollton or the Asia World Market on Legacy and 75 in Plano.

    I frequent Little Sichuan next to Asia World Market and they have wonderful food. They don't have dim sum but it is well worth the trip from Lewisville!! Glad you liked the dim sum offerings at Hong Kong Royale!

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      You were right! After you said Chinese broccoli, I looked it up and found this. It looked exactly like this, with the oyster sauce spooned over the top. Very delicious. Thanks!

    2. Hong Kong Royal is our favorite. I didn't even know what Dim Sum was a year ago. We went to Hong Kong in the spring and in order to get ready for our trip we sought out dim sum. Hong Kong Royal is our favorite. I don't know that we have tried the taro puffs (we may have, i don't always pay attention to the names) but all of the dumplings are awesome. The weekend cart service is a pretty neat way to try a little of everything.