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Jul 7, 2008 10:33 AM

Babe's Chicken Dinner House in Carrollton

We ate at Babe's last Sunday, and had the best time! The food was served family style, and they kept refilling all the sides as much as you wanted. Our server, Clarissa, was so friendly!

Excellent fried chicken, chicken fried steak, and all the sides were fantastic. The cream corn tasted like my grandma's. Imagine my happiness when I found the syrup containers held authentic Brer Rabbit Syrup for my biscuits.

I'm probably showing my roots, but this tasted like a down home Sunday dinner. I had lemon meringue pie for desert that I had them box up so I could eat it about four hours later. The crust wasn't soggy even then. It was perfect. My Little Rock friend managed to eat their banana pudding, and my son ate their chocolate pie. They ate every bite, so I guess they must have been good.

I have nothing bad to say about Babe's, and I'll make a point of going there again asap.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you 100%. We go to the Babe's in Garland and it is like being transported back home back in the day. With the down-home cooking and the retro 1970's Country & Western music, I feel like I'm back having dinner at my Grandparents home back when I was a child. The fried chicken, ribs, corn, and mashed potatoes and gravy are truly the best home-cooking I've had since my Grandparents passed away. I like the nostalgia and of course the food is amazing. I hope Babe's never changes, it's like a sweet trip back in time for me :)

    1. There chicken is actually a reversed engineered version of Youngblood's. They basically loved YoungBlood's as did many people who grew up here. There chicken is spot on to that recipe. They just opened a new Babe's in Frisco, planning on going some time this week.

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        Hi irodguy, I had been thinking of squeezing in Babe's in Carrollton en route from 4:45 arrival at DFW* to cousin's in Plano. Would the Frisco locale make more sense? Please do report on the new location, we'll be there on Friday the 25th.

        *Probably 5:45 by the time we get out, had been wondering if the Carrollton detour would be worth the rush hour traffic hassle.

        1. re: ceekskat

          although it's a bit of an oversimplification , you are going to basically go by the Carrollton location on your way from DFW to Plano . Also , are you certain that the Frisco location is up and running ?? Your instincts are good , don't miss out on Babe's , whichever location you pick .

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            I would go for the Carrollton location as getting up to Frisco at 5 would be worse than Carrollton.

            If you are going/coming to Carrollton from the ariport exit out the north entrance take 121 north to 635 head east exit belt line head north (left at the light) and then head east (right at the 5th light) on belt line into carrollton about 5 miles.

            This is much faster than trying to take the tollway all the way around and then sitting on the DNT through Plano.

            I would imagine a location with a few years under their belt will be more enjoyable than a newly opened one. The waitstaff will be trained and know the menu, kitchen staff will know the recipes by heart....all things to consider especially when it is home-style cooking

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Ah, just looked at the map. From Babe's, take 35N to 121 to get to Plano? I could google directions, but would prefer to know traffic conditions since it is a Friday night. Thanks!

              1. re: ceekskat

                To get to Plano from DFW on a Friday at that hour will be a traffic nightmare no matter what route you take. I strongly suggest stopping at Babe's in Carrollton and enjoy it while the trafffic dies down (I think you will save some time and stress). I also agree that an established location will probably be your best option as over a new one that still might be working out a kink or two.

                1. re: ceekskat

                  Sorry I never reported back. We ended up going to the one in Frisco as we felt full from the late lunch on the plane. Waiting for about 30 min. outside, felt like we were at an attraction in Disneyworld. My 9 yr. was starving by then & the staff was nice enough to let her have a biscuit (inside, so other hungry children couldn't see her). Service was friendly & prompt during dinner as well. We ordered the chicken & sides for the 5 of us (3 adults, 2 children). We enjoyed the chicken; however, it was cooked slightly too long so the breast was a bit dry but the dark meat was fine (just opened, so forgiven). As much as we enjoyed the chicken & biscuits, the bland, unattractive sides were really difficult to overlook. By the time we ordered dessert at 7:45 pm, they had run out of everything except banana pudding(?). That was the biggest disappointment as my girls were really looking forward to the cobbler.

                  I truly wish we had been able to try the Carrollton location; however, if the sides are the same, I don't think we missed much. I'll grant that it is a fun place to take kids but we will not be returning.

                  Thank you Dallas hounds & apologize again for the late report.

                  1. re: ceekskat

                    Why the question mark on banana pudding?

                    (She said, showing her Texas roots.)

                    1. re: shanagain

                      Wasn't sure if it were banana pudding that was left or some other banana dessert, it has been a year :) Pretty sure it was the former. Looks like everybody else wanted cobbler that day too!

                      1. re: ceekskat

                        Whew, I thought you were hating on the banana pudding in a "wth is with banana pudding down there, anyway?" kind of way. And we just can't have that. (Btw, I've been to Babe's in Granbury, and have to admit the cobbler looked fantastic.)

              2. re: ceekskat

                Depends on how big a rush you are in. I would think about taking 121 to 635 then get off on Beltline and head Northeast. You will go under 35 and then take the next right which takes you into old downtown Carrollton. This will be much easier to get to and you will not have the traffic hassles of rush hour. I would then get back on 35 to 190 Tollway and head east into Plano. The Frisco location just opened hard to say if it's good .. bad etc since very few people have been there yet.

                1. re: irodguy

                  FYI: Apparently, Babes in Frisco is in the Frisco Heritage Center just East of City Hall adjacent to the railroad tracks. There is precious little info on the internet as Babes has not updated their website to include info on the new location. We need a first-hand report!

                1. re: teegee

                  Yes they were evidently already supposed to be open but are not yet. I have a friend who goes by it daily to check on the opening.

                2. re: irodguy

                  Having been raised in Dallas in the 50s & 60s and having eaten at Youngblood's almost every Sunday (remember Davy Crockett night?), I finally got to return to Dallas and eat at Babe's (Garland location) recently. First, I didn't think it was "spot on" to the Youngblood's recipe at all. Don't get me wrong, it was very good. I talked to two mangers about the Youngblood's connection. One told me it was not Youngblood's recipe (something I read elsewhere) and the second told me the confusion over the connection to Youngblood's came when the owners started Babe's and said they wanted their chicken to be "as good as" Youngblood's -- or to that standard. We enjoyed the dinner (too much food to eat) but felt rushed by the waitress, who was very friendly and attentive. I was told they are trained to give you the check once you say "no" to desert -- but that was not a sign they are trying to get you out the door. Other than that, a great experience and worth driving out of our way to eat there. I wish they had take out. I still miss Youngblood's though.

                3. So how do you guys that have been to both places, compare this with Celebration?

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                    Babe's food is better , tho not by much . Celebration's menu is broader , a lot more choices.....and Celebration's salad bowl and dressings can't be topped.....if you want fried chicken or other fried items , go to Babe's...if you have some in your party who aren't into fried food , then you would go to Celebration .

                  2. Bubba's on Hillcrest in Dallas is a sister diner of Babe's. It's not family style, but it has good fried chicken (huge pieces!) and sides.

                    1. Almost a year later, we managed to get back to Babe's, but a different location. It was still fantastic. I forgot to say how the waitstaff entertain during dinner. Ours grabbed a mic and went around singing Walkin' After Midnight. We took a different friend with us. He ordered the fried catfish. Four big honkin' pieces, kind of thin and crisp. I had the fried chicken and my husband and son both had chicken fried steak. The only thing I think some people may not like would be the sweet vinagrette iceberg salad. I like it. My friend commented on it, sounding surprised, but still liked it and ate it. He really, really loved his catfish.