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Jul 7, 2008 10:23 AM

Staub Clearance at Williams-Sonoma

I was at my local Williams-Sonoma yesterday and noticed that all their Staub was on clearance. It wasn't all marked, though, so if you find a piece that doesn't appear to be marked down, you might have a salesperson check it.

It was all I could do to tear myself away from the cute chicken pots (the ones shaped like chickens...) in Basil and Grenadine for $99... I'd only seen them in Caramel and Black before, which I didn't care for. Anyhow, I've sworn off Staub myself, but I know there are some of you out there who might be interested.

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  1. I bought the 2.5 quart Basil Green Staub round Dutch Oven for $44 on sale at Williams Sonoma. I still can't believe my luck. I am so happy.
    Now I just have to find a recipe for a nice stew for 2 to 3 people to try in my new pot.

    They had the chicken oval roaster too in green which as you say is very cute. I can just imagine (in my dreams) putting it on my table and lifting the lid.
    However, it just looked to small to me to roast a whole chicken.
    By the way, we have 3 WS stores where I live and they had the Staub pots on sale at different prices. What gives?

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      ^^Thanks for posting I'll have to check this out. I ADORE my Staub and it's served me well and still looks beautifully.

    2. I haven't seen Staub at WS. Where are you shopping? I would love to buy them in person.

      1. Last Christmas I bought our daughter a piece of Staub cookware. At that time, a friend told me that WS had it on sale. I found, however, that Cooks Resource (online) had it at a significantly better price. That may not be true for this particular sale but worth checking out.

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        1. re: c oliver

          I've found some good sales at WS this summer. I purchased their large SS Rib Rack for $9.95 they showed a $39.995 retail, and earlier this summer in another part of the country I purchased a Rosle Cheese Planer for $12.99 against their retail of $67.95.

          1. re: Grillncook

            The Rib Racks were just reduced to 4.99 I just picked up 4 of them...

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              I finally caved in and bought the 2 1/2 quart Staub for only $44. How cheap can you get. It is wonderful for stews. So please I bought it. I guess that is it for Staub at WS.

        2. I got the 5-1/2 qt. La Coccette (?sp) Staub pot for $117 and free shipping from Only had two color choices but I'm pleased. My big splurge.