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Jul 7, 2008 10:22 AM

Need Restaurant recs for Yonge & Bloor area

Hi all, I'm looking for a small and elegant dining spot, possibly with a patio, for a ladies' evening out with comfort in mind for a former bride-to-be who broke it off this weekend. We need privacy, intimacy, elegance and vegan items on the menu, if possible, although most quality places are very accomodating in that regard. One of the guests in my elderly mother who lives in the area and is not very mobile so I would like to stay as close to her home as possible. What say you?

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  1. How many are in your party? With a large enough group, might be able to take over the side room of Wish or their patio. In smaller #'s, the front room of Wish might be taken over.

    How much privacy? Are you looking for a private room or simply a place without too much traffic coming by your table?

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      Sorry, should have been more specific. There are four of us and all we really need is a quiet corner without too much traffic. I'll check out the link you provided. Thanks.

      1. re: Googs

        Checked out the link and it seems nice, location is good, but I wonder if that is their winter menu? It looks it.

        1. re: Higgette

          Sorry, I didn't look at the menu. All resto's tend to lag anywhere from 'a bit' to 'I can't believe they didn't think to do that'.

          Another Y&B choice would be Imperia at 17 Yorkville. The only thing, and it's a doozy, it that there are about 4 steps up into the resto and the washrooms are in the basement. If your mother isn't very mobile, I wouldn't recommend it. If stairs are okay I most certainly would. There's no patio, but if you secure a table by the front window it's far more secluded than the main dining area south of the bar. You'd also need to curtail Frank the Friendly Owner's regular trips around the tables for your privacy's sake.

          1. re: Googs

            Yeah, stairs are a problem. Thanks for the heads up.
            I was wondering about Pangea. Bay Street isn't that much of a haul. Also, what's good in the Rosedale stretch of Yonge Street these days? Everything seems to change too frequently around there for me to keep up.

            1. re: Higgette

              Wish is 100% ground level, so likely your best choice.

              Pangaea, while terrific, has washrooms that are upstairs. Not a particularly short set either for the physically or wine impaired.

              1. re: Googs

                Okay, thanks again. I assume you like the food at Wish? What would you recommend? (I'm not the vegan!)

                1. re: Higgette

                  I second the Wish reco. I think it would provide the perfect atmosphere for what you are looking for and the food is a great price and always good.

      2. Michelles Bistro behind the four seasons is a great spot and very accessible with lots of little quiet corners and a very European feel.