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Jul 7, 2008 10:18 AM

Emeril Live and Green

1. Today is the day Emeril (Not) Live joins Fine Living with new shows (not live and filmed in 2007 but new to the air.)

2. It's supposedly big not only because it's the first network Emeril Live is on other than FN, but ... so it seemed, it was no longer on FN.

3. It turns out its going ot continue to be on FN at 2pm every single day instead of 7pm. Ok, then what's the hub bub, as in ... didn't everyone think or believe Emeril Live was totally leaving FN? I sure did.

and, finally

4. Emeril Green was supposed to begin on the Green channel (Discover Green) last month. It's still not here. In fact, he's disappeared from being on the Discovery Channel and the Planet Green websites altogether. Yet, no word anywhere on the status of the show. Has anyone heard anything about this? It's all of a sudden become vaporware.

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  1. I was just looking at the Dish Network schedule of shows for today. Yes, Emeril Live is on FN and on FLVNG. It seems strange. When you look at these shows, Fine Liv. has now become what Food Net. was approx 5 years ago. The reality type shows are starting to get old so it is nice to have the original Iron Chef, Mario, Wolfgang, Emeril....all back together again!

    1. f.n. and f.l. are owned by the same people, right? if so, doesn't seem so surprising that they'd juggle some shows.

      1. Emeril Green should start airing somewhere around July 14 on Planet Green.

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        1. re: sam21479

          i dont get FL but i do get FN-so emeril not live is on at 2pm? is this a taped version of the live show? are they new or repeats?

          (hey, i like emeril :))

          1. re: sugarsnapp

            >>> i dont get FL but i do get FN-so emeril not live is on at 2pm? is this a taped version of the live show? are they new or repeats?

            Ok, Emeril *Live* never meant "live" --- as in Saturday Night Live. It actually ever meant "in front of a live audience".

            Next, he taped 50-70 episodes in the fall of 2007. Those were released on FN once a week for the past, oh, 23 or whatever weeks along with four reruns.

            FL is going to follow the same pattern, with the exception that for *this* week they'll be showing 5 or 7 "never before seen" aka "new ones". Then they'll probably go back to the one new one and six old ones pattern until in the end, like October or December they finally run out, at which time it will be 100% old Emeril Not That Lives.

            Whew. Can I have a cookie for that explanation? :)

            1. re: HarryK

              thanks for the explanation :hands cookie to harryk:

          2. re: sam21479

            I found where you found it, Sam. Cool.

            1. re: HarryK

              Where did you find it? I am actually going to appear on the one of the episodes, so the producers were keeping me up to date with when it starts, etc. I am looking for more information on it though.

              1. re: sam21479

                Of all places, a search and then a few pages later, a buried comment on their site. Heaven forbig they should themselves actually publicize it on their own site, huh?

       Look for the comment by Vatherapist.

                You're going to appear? Cool. Can you say any more?

                Btw, on that page or another page it sounds like Emeril Green is going to be a daily show, not a weekly. Damn!

                1. re: HarryK

                  Thanks! I am going to be on 23 July-a pizza episode. They taped everything at the big Whole Foods outside DC. Mine was taped in, I think, April. It was a lot of fun but more work than I imagined it would be. Between the cooking portion and the bio portion, it took up two FULL days for taping. I am just nervous as to how it turns out.

                  1. re: sam21479

                    Good luck to you Sam! Can't wait to see how this new show does.

                    1. re: HarryK

                      wow..that is cool. i am sure it will be great