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Favorite warm weather drinks (alcoholic and otherwise)?

There have been a few recent topics that have touched on pieces of this, but I thought it might be interesting to have a dedicated thread.

In this warm, muggy weather, what drinks around town are hitting the spot for you? I'm curious about leaded and unleaded, chains and chowish. If it's deliciously refreshing, I'd love to hear about it.

To get the ball rolling, a few I've been tending towards of late:


* Mojito from Chez Henri
* Sangria from Dali
* Vinho verde on the patio at Atasca


* Jasmine limeade cooler from Peet's (essentially a fancy Arnold Palmer, half jasmine iced tea, half fresh limeade)
* Lime rickey from Good Food Cafe
* Thai iced tea from Floating Rock (that and an order of tiger tears is my idea of a great summer dinner)
* Green tea milkshake with bubbles from 163 Vietnamese Sandwich
* [Don't hurl your farmshare tomatoes at me for my guilty pleasure] Strawberry milkshake from McDonald's

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  1. -Fresh ginger martini at the Blue Room in Cambridge.
    -Rose petal lemonade at Cafe Baraka in Cambridge.

    1. I had an excellent coconut mojito at Pops a week or so ago. Uses coconut rum with just a splash of pineapple juice...delish!

      Pimm's Cup at No. 9.

      1. Campari and soda with a twist of lime. Cool, refreshing, not at all sweet, and you can adjust the amount of alcohol to suit your mood.

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          ditto... such a great pre-dinner drink, really cleanses the palate.

          Also suitable for this time of year:
          -any decent cold, cloudy wheat beer
          -a Southampton (tonic, lime, and bitters)
          -avocado smoothie from Flamepoeira in the north end

        2. Americano highball, which any idiot can make (Campari, sweet vermouth, seltzer, lime wedge), on any of several worthwhile patios in town. Rocca has a nice one, sheltered from the street, though the food doesn't slay me.

          Malted chocolate frappe from Picco, which can also be enjoyed on a pretty decent patio.

          The $24 300ml sake at Myers+Chang, which goes great with their various dumplings and small plates.

          Frozen Bellini at 28 Degrees, which also has an okay patio. I hear blender drinks are making a comeback.

          Cazadores Gimlet up at Tremont 647, also on the passable patio.

          Sangria at Estragon, which is dispensed from the weirdest beverage bubbler ever, and is pretty simple, mostly just vino tinto and citrus juices, I think. They have a little patio, too, but I haven't tried that yet.

          The thin but tasty licuados (I like mine con leche) at Taqueria El Amigo.

          The chocolate milkshake (not a frappe) at Four Burgers, spun up on a DrinkMaster-style blender.

          Tinto de verano (red wine and Sprite) at Toro.

          Draft Narragansett at Jack's Family Restaurant (Warren, RI).

          Iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk at Xinh Xinh.

          Tom and Jerry from the bar at No. 9 Park. Nothing say July like a hot, steaming mug of boozy eggnog.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            MC, you got me with the Tom and Jerry. With that said, I just last week purchased from eBay a gorgeous Tom and Jerry set, so I don't know why I am laughing, as clearly I have it on the brain as well!

            Already looking forward to John's fall and winter cocktails...!

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Above you say (not a frappe) about the four burgers milkshake. I always thought frappe was just the Boston way of saying milkshake. What's the diff?

              1. re: okello

                At least in many parts of New England, the significant difference is that a "milkshake" is made by shaking/blending milk and syrup, and usually comes out in whatever flavor the syrup is. A "frappe" however is just a much much thicker milkshake that is always made with ice cream and can be made in any flavor the ice cream comes in. I think the difference is more of a New England thing...this has been my assumption for the last 20 years at least...kind of like the "jimmies" versus "sprinkles" debate

            2. Cantina Zaccagnini has a rose out now that is wonderful. You can find it at Brix in the South End.

              Plus one on the Pimms cup. I got a similar drink at ESK recently that was made with ginger beer. So refreshing.

              And although I don't care for their hot coffee, I drink gallons of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee in the summer.

              1. Dark and Stormy!!! Silvertone, Lucca, Sasso, and many more have this favorite of mine on the Cocktail menu this summer.

                Also The Mailbox Cocktail is not on any lists I have seen, but anyone with ginger beer can make one. It is a Dark & Stormy minus the Gossling's and substituted with Bourbon. I heard about it on NPR a few weeks ago. Different and good all at once.

                Summertime wouldn't be complete without a Negroni here and there around town. Nick at Sasso makes the best I've had in recent memory.

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                  Ooh, that's a good call. I had a terrific dark and stormy a few weeks ago at Highland Kitchen. The weather was nice and they had all the windows wide open; definitely a great summer vibe.

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                    Last time I saw a Dark & Stormy was when my BF ordered it at Maddie's Sail Loft in Marblehead a couple years ago - I forgot how tasty that was.

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                      Dark and Stormy's (stormies?) are a chowhound find for me... read about them here a year or two ago, and it is now one of my favorite poolside drinks.

                      Now, I don't get out much, but do spend a lot of time outside on the patio. My current patio drinks:
                      Wine - Bucci Verdicchio - Nice crisp summer wine with lots of flavors that change as it warms up.
                      Beer - Dogfish head 90 minute IPA - very bitter, quite strong (more than one is a problem if I have been working outside in the sun) great floral taste.

                      1. re: tdaaa

                        Have to disagree on the bitterness of Dogfish 90, i actually find it extremely sweet for an IPA.....That said its very good.

                        1. re: phatchris

                          Can we compromise on "well balanced"? I think they increase the sweetness to balance the hops.

                          1. re: tdaaa

                            Sure, I find all of their beers "well balanced".

                  2. Iced Lemon Tea from Eldo Bakery in Chinatown. Yum!!

                    1. Jasmine Limeade from Pho & I
                      Limeade from Pepper Sky Thai
                      Anything from Green Street
                      Cold, newly batched beers on the patio at Cambridge Brewing Company
                      Iced black americano from ERC
                      Any salt lassi I can get my hands on
                      Pimms Cup from my fridge (ok, maybe this isn't really widely available!)

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                        1. re: finlero

                          Oh yup, sorry. Perhaps not the best cafe in the world, but nearish to me and a very decent iced americano that you don't have to add anything to for it to be drinkable (not so w/charbucks).

                      1. VMWs - watermelon puree, vodka, mint, ice.

                        1. did someone mention the rose petal lemonade from baraka? they did, didnt they...

                          1. -Black Cherry Mojito-Boston Harbor Hotel
                            -Old Salt Ale with some oysters-Legal Sea Foods (only sold there)
                            -Dunkin Donuts-Ice Coffee obviously
                            -Harpoon Summer and Blue Moon in a chilled glass
                            -Dark & Stormy-homemade, enjoyed anywhere as long as Goslings & Barritts are involved

                            1. The lemonade from 1369 Coffee House is the best ever!!!

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                                Had a lemonade at Sugar and Spice that came with two marachino cherries and a wedge of lime and tasted like a liquid Italian ice - it was REALLY sweet. Even better watered down a little.

                                1. re: aperitif

                                  I had an arnold palmer there, and was so happy to see the barista reach over grab a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze the juice into my iced tea. A little bit of simple syrup, and it was amazing!

                                2. ice cold bottle of beer(Bud, Miller, Corona)
                                  a tequila neat(top shelf 100% agave only)
                                  mai tai
                                  tequila sunrise

                                  MT. Dew

                                  1. Okay, I know it's just OJ and crushed ice, but I love the orange coolata at Dunkin Donuts.

                                    1. cold Retsina...and what's that drink called that's mexican beer in a glass with a salted rim and copious lime?? i don't even remember if that's how it's made, but they made me one at miracle of science in central sq. and it was great. i like hanging out there when they've got the big door/window open (tho not so great when it's 95 degrees out...)

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                                      1. re: KitchenArtsOwen

                                        That awesome drink is a michelada -- there is a recipe on chow at the moment:


                                        1. For nonalcoholic it would have to be the watermelon drink at Penang. It's the most refreshing drink I've ever had. As for alcoholic, Sel deLa Terre does a wonderful watermelon martini.

                                          1. The cucumber water at Rendezvous Central Square. It even looks cooling.

                                            photo here


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                                            1. re: BostonZest

                                              That's a great one, and I always forget about it. It is so refreshing. And as I read your post saying you like it in sparking water, BZ, I was thinking it might even be improved further with a splash of vodka!

                                            2. Iced green tea at Panera's is yum!

                                              1. Rooh-afza lassi
                                                On the spirited side: a good negroni, watermelon-cucumber-chili margaritas or mojitos cool the tempers.

                                                1. For me there is nothing better than an ice cold Miller High Life from Silvertone. If I can't get that than a dirty vodka martini from blu. Mostly because they have the gorgonzola stuffed olives.

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                                                  1. re: FoodArt

                                                    I used to love Miller High Life in the bottle, but now it just reminds me of the worst night of my life as a Boston sports fan, when I had about 20 of them while watching the 2003 ALCS Game 7 at River Gods. (I nearly hurled one of those bottles at the big TV screen when Grady brought Pedro back out for the 8th.) The only thing that could have made that evening worse was if I'd left the bar ten seconds later, which would have meant missing the last inbound Red Line train and having to walk home. Everyone on that train was dead silent, looked shell-shocked: just grim. All wounds are healed now thanks to '04 and '07, but I've rarely had a bottled High Life since.

                                                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                      Seems so sad to me that "The Champagne of Beer" is associated with such sad memories for you, MC Slim. It is almost as if drinking Billecart Salmon Rose were to remind you of the day when your dog died. :( Perhaps if you tried to drink a pony or 40 of Highlife (both are available around the city's finer liquor stores), you might get over it. Good luck.

                                                  2. I'm not usually a Casablanca fan so I don't know if they still make it, but I liked their copperhead: bourbon, bitters, amaretto, topped with ginger beer.
                                                    Or maybe I misremember the bourbon, because that's how I make it at home.

                                                    1. A question, not an answer........
                                                      Anybody out there in Hound-dom know someone making consistently killer Pegu Clubs?

                                                      1. The white sangria at Oleana is amazingly delicious and there's a whole fruit salad at the bottom to eat when you get to the bottom of your glass!

                                                        1. watermelon drink from penang
                                                          chicha morada from rincon limeno
                                                          calamansi juice from jnj turo turo
                                                          jamaica from angela's cafe
                                                          passion fruit juice from tasty island
                                                          aguapanela from el jardin
                                                          horchata from el buen gusto
                                                          jackfruit shake from floating rock
                                                          mango lassi from punjabi dhaba
                                                          lulo licuado from el paisa
                                                          thai iced tea from s&i thai
                                                          green tea milkshake from cafe mami
                                                          limeade and vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk from xinh xinh
                                                          rose petal lemonade from baraka cafe
                                                          morir sonando from rincon macorisano