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Jul 7, 2008 09:50 AM

pioneer valley pick your own, rare fruits

Do you frequent any Pioneer Valley "pick your own" farms for interesting or odd fruits or vegetables? I'm interested in knowing about farms where you can pick unique fruits -- not just apples and raspberries, but rare heirloom varieties or simply farm produce that's hard to find elsewhere.

Here's my contribution. Birdhaven Blueberry Farm in Southampton lets you pick insanely inexpensive black currants and gooseberries. They're currently open on the weekends but will be open during the week in August:

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  1. A gem. Thanks, BZ! I do, however, have one word of caution to those who visit Birdhaven in search of berries of another color.

    The gentleman working there seems happy, even eager to part with the currants and gooseberries that make up the margin around the netted blueberry bushes. But be warned- caution should be exercised with the woman working inside- who was downright angry that we'd been allowed to pick them. When the two convened in the room, it was painfully awkward and I couldn't help but feel some guilt surfacing beneath my glee at having hit the berry jackpot.

    To those who are tension averse and seeking currants, I would suggest avoiding the woman working the counter inside!