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Jul 7, 2008 09:40 AM

The Palm's summer lobster special-worth it?

Has anyone tried the the Palm's summer lobster special ($95 for a four pound lobster, two salads and a side--larger lobsters also available)? My husband is considering doing this for his birthday in July. Neither one of us has been to the Palm before. How is the food in general at the Palm? Atmosphere? Or can you recommend another whole lobster option in a nice setting?

Thanks, shellymck

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  1. Is this deal for 1 person or 2?

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    1. re: Elyssa

      That's the price for two people, the lobster is meant to be shared. We're also looking at Sea Catch which does whole lobsters.

    2. While I'm sure some will disagree, I think it's worth it.
      The four lb. lobster is definitely enough for two and the one side will also feed two easily. The sides are huge. Since you've never been to the Palm before, I'd probably recommend the "half and half'" side. It consists of very thinly sliced fried potatoes and fried onions. As for the lobster, just so you know, they're not boiled or steamed which you're probably most familiar with. I think they're put in the oven first and then they go under the broiler for a finishing touch which tends to char a little bit of the shell.
      As far as atmosphere, it's comfortable but nothing fancy. Fairly big room, tables pretty close together and a good amount of noise. Lot of carictures drawn on the walls of the famous, near-famous and other good customers. They have added a glass enclosed room in the very front of the building and because of it's size it might be a little quieter than the rooms in the back.

      1. I've never tried the lobster deal there, but I was very unimpressed by the other food. Huge portions that are meidocre at best. I think we passed on dessert, but of two appetizer, two entrees, and 2 sides, all were very plain and did not taste very fresh. I would definitely not return, but again none of the dishes were lobster so someone else will have to speak to their quality.

        1. If you can go during the happy hour, you can have 4 -1# lobsters for $64 at Old Ebbitt. I think the smaller bugs are so much more tender and flavorful than the larger ones.

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          1. re: deangold

            I agree on preferring smaller ones. I think that large lobsters are a generally a gimmick intended to attract people who don't eat them that often. In general I would expect a 1- 1 1/4 lb lobster at a seafood restaurant like Legals, the Sea Catch, Kinkead's, or Oceanaire to be better than a 4 lb lobster at the Palm.

          2. the Palm deal in the NYC places are GREAT!
            the lobster is perfect. try the blue cheese salads, and hash browns.

            95.00 for 2 is a steal! i own a restaurant, serving first class, from scratch, (23 points in Zagat), food, and i love their summer deal.