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Jul 7, 2008 09:32 AM

What happened to Killer Shrimp?

Had an intense craving for Killer Shrimp yesterday in Marina del Rey and found that like the Studio City location, it is now closed. Deep sadness. Does anyone know if they are merely giving themselves a makeover or will I never again experience the fabulousness of Killer Shrimp again???

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    1. That place close a while back. I think there's another branch somewhere.

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      1. re: Diana

        Only two locations -- Studio City and MdR, both closed.

        1. re: Diana

          You must mean the Studio City location. Marina only closed eight days before your post!

        2. I heard a rumor that they might be closing, so I went a few weeks ago. There were notes on all the tables saying that they had sold their lease and were looking for a new location. I hope that's true, but I fear they may have just been letting us down easy. I added myself to their e-mail list so that I may be kept up-to-date, and I'll pass any info I receive onto this board.

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          1. re: recovering_vegetarian

            Thanks. I had not been in a while but loved that spicy shrimp over rice. Hope they find a new home.

          2. I never thought Killer Shrimp was that awesome. It was good but even the chain Bubba Gump's shrimp bucket with the garlic NOT the "cajun" flavor (I'm not exactly sure what the item is called but it comes in a bucket by the pound or half pound), tastes closer to a true New Orleans shrimp boil. Actually, I think Bubba Gump's shrimp by the bucket is really good. (Just that item, I've tried other items and they were mediocre to dismal.)

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            1. re: nine.circles

              "Shrimp boil" is really a different product from what Killer Shrimp sold. Theirs was more of a rough equivalent of what's dubbed "Barbecued Shrimp" (alhough, no barbecuing is actually involved) in the South. While it doesn't solve the issue of the chain being closed, if you're hungerin' for the Killer Shrimp experience, that's what you're looking for.

              1. re: Steve2 in LA

                I don't know what you got, man: what I got was drowning in broth (I would not consider it a sauce) and it did not have nearly enough seasonings on it to qualify as a shrimp barbecue dish. I say this as someone who lived in Louisiana for years. I thought it was closer to a boil and so I recommended a place people might go to have a better version of it.

                If you want to compare it to a shrimp barbecue, then fine, all you Killer Shrimp fans are out of luck, you are not going to find a decent version of that unless you make it yourself. Which, actually is not a bad idea; shrimp BBQ is one of the first dishes I tried my hand at back when I first started cooking and it's pretty easy.

                There are many recipes on the internet, they usually involve butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and whatever combination of herbs people like to adjust to their palates. I like to use a little rosemary in mine and a dash of chili powder. You should definitely leave the shell on the shrimp, and then just remember to salt and pepper the hell out of it. I use rock or sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper. I like it dry rather than too saucy, so I combine the seasonings first and then baste the shrimp with it in a broiler, then I dip bread in the drippings: Killer Shrimp fans might prefer to saute the shrimp and have a lot of brothier juice leftover for dipping bread in.

                1. re: nine.circles

                  Nine, I can't argue with you about the product KS was turning out at the end however, when I visited (acknowledgedly, many years ago) my bowl held spicy,buttery, peppery, shrimp, redolent of garlic and rosemary . . . "barbecued shrimp" as you described.

                  Perhaps altering that traditional recipe is the reason KS fell into ignominy and subsequent closure.

                  So, where do YOU get the "good" stuff? When I feel the need to sop up a stick of butter with an entire loaf of French bread, I make my own as well.

                  1. re: Steve2 in LA

                    I did like Killer Shrimp when I first went, but the last couple of times, I thought the shrimp were overcooked and didn't have much flavor, so I gave up on it. I did have a soft spot for it. And I loved the sweetpotato pecan pie.

            2. I think we can debate the merits of how well Killer Shrimp executed their vision of a southern-style bbq shrimp with a spicy-good sauce to be sopped up by the bread.

              But it took a lot of faith and confidence to make that the ONLY thing they served. I admire their guts and vision. I applaud that they made their concept work, apparently, for two locations over two decades.

              I'm trying to think of restaurant enterprises that have succeeded on perfecting and selling one item. Versailles on Venice, where 80-95% of the patrons order the garlic chicken? I think the pork is better, and their standard leg and thigh with plantains, rice and beans is now up close to $10. Does Zankou qualify for their rotisserie chicken with their garlic paste? A lot of people order the tarna sandwich or the shawarma, there is criticism of their hummus, and their are repeated posts about them going downhill. Maybe it is Langer's for their pastrami, but they have a huge deli menu and even in the pastrami category people debate about whether to add the kraut, slaw, nippy cheese, or other accompaniments. While it gets savaged on this board, almost everyone orders and enjoys the slippery shrimp at Yang Chow.

              Killer Shrimp owners, I applaud your singleminded vision. I hope you made enough profit over the years to retire comfortably. Your signature dish will be missed.

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              1. re: nosh

                >I'm trying to think of restaurant enterprises that have succeeded on perfecting and selling one item.\

                --Uncle Moki's makes a good facsimile of Kahuhu-shrimp-truck-style Hawaiian shrimp. Not the same thing as Killer Shrimp's BBQ shrimp but in the same ballpark and frankly we like the Hawaiian style better.

                Uncle Moki's
                3560 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA