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Jul 7, 2008 09:22 AM

NYC C'hound in Columbia SC Needs Suggestions

Going to Columbia, SC for work and will need a few good dinner suggestions. Money is not an issue so we're down for anything that's good. I saw the postings regarding BBQ spots in the area, so i think that's covered...guess i'm looking for other great/local restaurants that are worth trying. Thanks!

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  1. >...local restaurants that are worth trying.

    Terra ( would be worth trying. The chef uses local ingredients and has worked with Susan Spicer down in New Orleans.

    Motor Supply Bistro ( is good, too. A reservation is likely necessary.

    What is your BBQ itinerary?

    1. Whatever you do, do NOT go to Lizard's Thicket!!!!! We wanted to try local food and this local chain is just plain bland and discusting. No offense to Columbia locals, there is some good food to be had in town I'm sure of it, it's just not at these places! We perused the boards before going down to Columbia for a weekend and wanted local w/ a atmosphere appropriate for kids too. I checked out the website and it looked interesting and I've always wanted to try a meat n' three. The service was great, the food on the other hand was carb-ridden bland and boring. Canned green beans, tasteless casseroles and country fried steak. Ugh. We couldn't wait to exit stage left.