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Jul 7, 2008 09:20 AM

breakfast pizza?

hi all - just got back from a weekend trip to maine and reacquainted myself with the wonder that is the breakfast pizza - mild obsession has taken over! pizza dough + eggs + vege + sausage = happiness. does anyone know where we can get these around town (somerville / cambridge / boston)?

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  1. Oddly enough, the main cafeteria at MGH offers breakfast pizza occasionally. I pooh-poohed it til my curiousity overcame me and I tried it and liked it. Go figure!

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      Actually, the MGH main cafeteria offers breakfast pizza everyday. Its not bad, but not wonderful. The crust is Papa Gino's.
      I wouldn't recommend making a trip to the basement of the hospital just to get some, but if you are there anyhow...

    2. Halftime Pizzaon Causeway Street has it on the menu. I generally like their pizza although I have never had the breakfast version.

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        There regular pizza is ok, but like most slice joints, they reheat to order. This ruins the breakfast pizza (they use bacon, not sausage) the eggs are fairly dry from the pizza oven to begin with, and the reheat just kills it. There is major construction in the hood (the place is crawling with construction guys at lunch), so they seem pretty busy now keeping the pizza fresh. Once again though 2 of the 3 ttimes I tried it the thing was dry as a bone.

      2. I only did brunch there once, but Tremont 647 had a nice breakfast pizza w/bacon, potatoes, scallions, and a sunny-side up egg. My favorite things on top of my other favorite things. Deeelicious. Just checked the menu online though and don't see it anymore. Anyone been there lately?

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          The Tremont 647 breakfast pizza disappeared a year or two ago (much to my wife's disappointment). We bothered Andy Husbands about it at a pork event sometime in the middle of winter and he said it would be back in 2 or 3 months. As of last month there was sadly still no sign.

        2. In the past, I have had breakfast pizza at Croma, but they don't seem to have one on their current Brunch Menu.

          Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham has a Brunch Pizza on their Sunday Brunch Menu. I haven't tried it yet. It has asparagus, ham, eggs, and hollandaise.

          269 Newbury St, Boston, MA

          Scarlet Oak Tavern
          1217 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

          1. Dogwood Cafe in JP (directly across the street from the Forest Hills stop) has it on weekends. I haven't tried it myself, but have heard from people who like it.