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Jul 7, 2008 08:55 AM

Nantucket with a catch!

Will be in Nantucket very very briefly and am bringing my dog along. Can you eat outside on patios with dogs? If so, any recommendations?

Any other pet friendly recs is welcome--thanks :=)

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  1. I once saw someone eating at the Boarding House with a pet. It was a small dog, they were sitting at one of the outside tables, and they kept the dog outside the fence next to them.

    1. Nantucket is very dog friendly-- we always bring our lab. He was welcome last summer at both Queequegs for cocktails/apps and at Something Natural for sandwiches/salads. Shopping is easy to do on near HyLine ferry as many shops have open door policies.

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      1. re: madisoneats

        Yes, Queequegs is wonderful, and dog-friendly on the patio, I believe.

      2. We have eaten several places that have outdoor eating with both dogs, Jack Russells, without any issues.

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        1. re: jspear

          Thanks very much. We live in NYC so its relatively pet friendly, but we ran into some issues in Maine where even outdoor dining with a pet isn't permitted.

          1. re: trinyc

            In NYC you can eat in restaurants with your dog?

            1. re: joan mar

              Not indoors, but outside on patios etc.

              1. re: trinyc

                I have seen people with dogs at The Boarding House, Cioppino's, and Languedoc patios. Might be ok at The Summer House Beach Bar restaurant. And maybe Topper's @ Wauwinet (on the deck where they serve lunch).

                1. re: ciclista

                  Thanks to all. We made a quick stop at Sayle's which was pretty good. Not the best lobster roll i've had but not the worst either. Definitely am noting the recs for another visit.