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Jul 7, 2008 08:53 AM

STL-Best international groceries/where can I find San Pellegrino sodas?

Hello everyone,

I just moved to St. Louis Hills this month. I am familiar (to a degree) with the strong Italian-American food here (which is great...I grew up in WV around a lot of that good stuff), but need some blanks filled in otherwise.

Where are good groceries (preferrably in South City, but county places or elsewhere in town in fine, too) where I can get the usual suspects (good cheeses, wines, etc.) in the area? I imagine some of the places on the Hill might be good, but just for Italian, right?

Also, how about San Pellegrino sodas (Aranciata, Limonata)? I'm moving from Austin, where there were scads of places where one could find this sort of thing. I need my fix! I appreciate the help, and am looking forward to finding all things food in St. Louis.


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  1. You might want to try Jay's International Foods on South Grand which has a wide variety of goods, more Asian that not.

    You should be able to find San Pellegrino at Dierbergs or Schnucks in nearly any location. If not (and I would be surprised), there are several small Italian markets on Southwest Ave. in the Hill area of the city.

    It has been a while since I lived in STL so I am not aware of all the various markets outide of the city but Clayton is generally the place to head for upscale.

    1. Owned by the same people as Jay,. Global Market on Kirkwood Road (Lindbergh Blvd as it goes through Kirkwood) will make you very happy. It's larger, and - very impotant to St. Louisans, you'll learn - has better parking. If your grocery store doesn't carry the beverages you want, many upscale wine shops do; think about the Wine Merchant orThe Wine & Cheese Place.

      1. Thanks, all. Sorry for the late reply; I'm hoping to get to Jay's soon. It was one of the places people have said was pretty good. Schnuck's here in SLH hasn't had this sort of thing, oddly enough (maybe I should have looked in the "fancy" food aisle). I did go up to the Hill and see some of it. Good to know where these places are. I actually drove by the Global Market the other day while in Kirkwood. Also interesting to know about the parking situation. Everywhere I have ever lived seems to have parking problems... ;-)

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          DiGregorio's does carry it. I've also found it at Whole Foods.