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MSP canning supplies

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Hey, Twin Cities hounds, where do you buy your canning supplies (pot, rack, tongs, jars)? I'd buy online, but I want a local source, especially for jars and lids, so I can stock up and replace things as needed. Thanks.

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  1. The best place that I've found locally is Fleet Farm. However, in a pinch, Lunds (at least the Uptown Lunds) has reduced sugar pectin and a limited supply of lids, jars, etc. They had at least a few of these things last week when I bought some pectin.

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      The Cub Foods at 60th and Lyndale carries the supplies as well (jars, lids, paraffin, pectin). I think the stuff is in the row with saran wrap and aluminum foil and baggies and is toward the back wall.

    2. Thanks. Can anyone recommend where to purchase the set up for a boiling water operation or, this would be really great, a place where I can talk to someone about and then purchase a pressure canner?

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        I'd hoped for this but after searching around town ended up buying a pressure canner online. I haven't used it for pressure canning yet but it worked better than my boiling water canner for regular canning.
        I have seen boiling water canners at thrift stores on occassion.

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          Your local Ace Hardware should have what you need. On my recent trip there for 1/2 pints I saw canning pots, jars, cheesecloth, pectin, ect, ect. Didn't notice if there was a pressure cooker - sorry.

        2. We go to any of the Fleet Farms.

          1. Ace Hardware on 38th and Nicollet is my place for all canning supplies.