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Churros in DC/NoVA

anybody know a place to get a good CHURRO ?? thanks!

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  1. Mexican or Spanish style?

    1. As far as I know, Churreria Madrid in Adams Morgan is the place... I think there is some restaurant in Wheaton that serves them, but not in the dedicated fashion that Churreria Madrid does. That said, I haven't been to CM, so I can't vouch for it.

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        yes, try them there, with hot chocolate.

      2. I swear I had churros and hot chocolate at Rosa Mexicano in Penn Quarter, but they're not on their online menu. Maybe they only have them in the cold weather? I don't get it anyway - they're Mexican, and I thought serving them with chocolate was the Spanish way?

        Warning: They have something called a churro at Baja Fresh now. Don't try it.

        What I want is the kind you get in Los Angeles, which I assume is at least sort of the Mexican kind. A couple of summers ago, there was, very briefly, what seemed like exactly like an LA churro cart at the zoo. But it disappeared.

        I also swear I once read - probably on this board - that some supermarket in Langley Park sells them in the doughnut section.

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          I've only had churros at Baja Fresh (to fill out the "orders over $5" to get the $2 discount) and they tasted about how they looked - like a cinnamon donut. Not really what I wanted, but they made a reasonable companion with my morning coffee for the next two days. Maybe I liked them better when they were a bit stale? <g>

          Shoppers has them in the donut section, too, probably pretty similar to what Baja Fresh has, but maybe better since (at least my local) Shoppers has a fair amount of Latino-style produce and a reasonably sized Latino customer base.

          So what constitutes a great, Los Angeles style churro?

        2. I'm pretty sure I saw them at the American Indian Museum Cafeteria, Mitsiam, this weekend. (At least I think that's where I saw them...I know I saw them somewhere recently). They also were serving a Mexican Hot Cocoa...always a nice combo, plus the other food there is great.

          The only thing is the menu changes quite regularly from what I can tell.

          1. I've never had them, but they do sell them at Dolcezze

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              The ones at Dolcezza are thin and pretty crispy. They are also filled with dulce de leche, which makes them pretty awesome.

            2. not sure what constitutes a good churro (i have limited experience here) but in addition to the already mentioned baja fresh, guajillo in arlington has them, along with some of the best tacos in the area.

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                The difference between the two styles of churros are:

                Mexican: large and long and covered with sugar and cinnamon.
                Spanish: small and eaten with a pudding like hot chocolate as a breakfast food.

                Personally, I like the Mexican kind better but my Spanish friends think I'm loco.

                Your best bet is to go to Little Mexco in the Bladensburge/Riverdale area.

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                  I would have to put you on the loco train as well. There is nothing better than that rich, thick chocolate that comes with the Spanish churros. Amazing stuff.

                  These are pretty easy to make. You can get all the fixings from www.latienda.com.

              2. Coco Sala had an amazing churro dish when I went. Good place for other desserts as well (small servings so you can try a bunch of them).

                1. I'm not kidding here, Costco has some pretty darn good Churros. I go to the one in Chantilly, at Rte. 28 and 50. They're only $1 too. I try to grab one whenever I'm shopping there.

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                    I had really bad ones at both Costco and Shoppers - I feel you get what you paid for at those places.

                    I *really* like the ones at Dolcezza, but they aren't covered with sugar and cinnamon.

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                      I'm confused about these alleged churros at Dolcezza. If there's no sugar and cinnamon, is there nothing at all on the outside? Do you HAVE to get them filled with dulce de leche? I am also looking at an article here, that says that they serve them with the gelato (AND dulce de leche filling?), and that they are 'fresh-baked.' Is the food writer for this crummy local paper confused, or are they really not fried?

                      Also, 'thin and crispy.' So.... are we even talking about the same food here? If I drive all the way to Bethesda and find that 'churro' is the Argentine name for some kind of cookie, I might very well bust out in tears right there in the store.

                      1. re: wombat

                        Hi Wombat, I am not an authority on churros, but here my observations: 1) there's nothing on the outside. It's the "typical" churro-shape, but it's just dark brown. But it tastes sweet and not dry. 2) DDL is *optional.* In fact, it's $0.50 more to get them filled with DDL (sorry for the abbreviation). 3) I only had them at their G'town location, and it seemed fried to me, as it leached oil onto the paper bag that contained them, and my napkin that held it. 4) Although they're fresh, it's not temperature "hot," as I'm used to with some churros. 5) Mine wasn't "thin and crispy" at all. It was good and chewy and good. :)

                        Hope this clarifies some things...

                        ETA: Oh! They serve a flat wafer with their gelatos at the G'town location. This didn't occur at the Bethesda location when I visited last Sat. But that wafer with the gelato is *definitely* baked and a cookie. Otherwise, I believe it's $1.00 for a churro (tax not included).

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                          Ha - that's got to be it, then, the writer mixed up the churro and the wafer.

                          Well that's a relief. I will have to plan a trip soon.

                          1. re: wombat

                            The cookie is probably an alfajores, which are kind of like Argentine oreos. A butter cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche. But the churros are definitely thinner than what I've had in Mexican or Spanish places and they are room temp. I was in Buenos Aires about a month ago and they served them as breakfast pastries. They are really good, but not quite the same as what you are likely to get at Churreria Madrid.

                  2. Go to Don Churro Cafe, Chantilly, VA (Rte. 28 and 50)

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