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Jul 7, 2008 08:27 AM

Churros in DC/NoVA

anybody know a place to get a good CHURRO ?? thanks!

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  1. Mexican or Spanish style?

    1. As far as I know, Churreria Madrid in Adams Morgan is the place... I think there is some restaurant in Wheaton that serves them, but not in the dedicated fashion that Churreria Madrid does. That said, I haven't been to CM, so I can't vouch for it.

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      1. re: kallisti

        yes, try them there, with hot chocolate.

      2. I swear I had churros and hot chocolate at Rosa Mexicano in Penn Quarter, but they're not on their online menu. Maybe they only have them in the cold weather? I don't get it anyway - they're Mexican, and I thought serving them with chocolate was the Spanish way?

        Warning: They have something called a churro at Baja Fresh now. Don't try it.

        What I want is the kind you get in Los Angeles, which I assume is at least sort of the Mexican kind. A couple of summers ago, there was, very briefly, what seemed like exactly like an LA churro cart at the zoo. But it disappeared.

        I also swear I once read - probably on this board - that some supermarket in Langley Park sells them in the doughnut section.

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          I've only had churros at Baja Fresh (to fill out the "orders over $5" to get the $2 discount) and they tasted about how they looked - like a cinnamon donut. Not really what I wanted, but they made a reasonable companion with my morning coffee for the next two days. Maybe I liked them better when they were a bit stale? <g>

          Shoppers has them in the donut section, too, probably pretty similar to what Baja Fresh has, but maybe better since (at least my local) Shoppers has a fair amount of Latino-style produce and a reasonably sized Latino customer base.

          So what constitutes a great, Los Angeles style churro?

        2. I'm pretty sure I saw them at the American Indian Museum Cafeteria, Mitsiam, this weekend. (At least I think that's where I saw them...I know I saw them somewhere recently). They also were serving a Mexican Hot Cocoa...always a nice combo, plus the other food there is great.

          The only thing is the menu changes quite regularly from what I can tell.

          1. I've never had them, but they do sell them at Dolcezze

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              The ones at Dolcezza are thin and pretty crispy. They are also filled with dulce de leche, which makes them pretty awesome.