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Onion Rings

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Looking for great homemade onion rings. The East Villiage/Gramercy area ideally but willing to go elsewhere on a good recommendation. Many thanks!

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  1. Molly's has great onion rings. It's on 3rd ave. I believe between 22nd and 23rd street.

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    1. Definitely try Stand on 12th between 5th & University- good burgers and excellent onion rings.

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        Didn't really care for the onion rings at Stand. Batter was too thick, not crunchy and didn't add much flavor. RUB's onion strings are pretty decent, though a little too greasy, so I'm still searching for the elusive apogee of onion ring goodness.

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          Maybe it was an off night?
          I too don't care for batter that's too thick and not crunchy - which is precisely why I love Stand.

          Each time I've been there it's been very lightly battered and crisp.

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            I went back to try the rings again and got an order straight out of the fryer. They just weren't my style. I wouldn't call the batter light. It's got a definite thickness and heaviness to it, especially considering how much grease they absorbed. Flavor was okay, but not something I would go back for.

      2. when i saw the title of the post, i immediately thought molly's and stand even before i read the replies. i would love to see what others come up with as i have a serious OR craving right now.

        1. I love the onion strings at RUB - the best I've ever had, and consistently great. But note that they are string, not rings, so they may not be exactly what you're looking for.

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            Seconded! The rub reminded me of the Cajun fries at Five Guys.

          2. BLT Prime has awesome giantic onion rings.

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              Second the BLT Prime suggestion!

            2. Not in the EV/Gramercy area, but I had some awesome buttermilk onion rings at Porter House at Time Warner. Then again, I love onion rings in all forms -- even at White Castles.

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              1. Ruth's Chris has AMAZING onion rings. Huge, crispy - they're breaded in panko or something. Divine. That said, I love batter dipped onion rings too, but unfortunately I've never found any to my liking in NYC.

                1. BLT Steak has HUGE crunchy rings. I also enjoy the ones at Molly's.

                    1. In midtown, Virgil's are actually quite fine.

                      1. I can't rave about the rest of their menu, but Heartland Brewery -- at least the one by me in Midtown/Rockefeller Center -- has great onion rings: batter-dipped, big and crispy. The dipping sauce is good, too.

                        1. Personally, I don't know, but I'll quote Ed Levine as he usually knows whats going on:


                          " * Telepan: At lunch and brunch Bill Telepan serves what he calls his "volcano" with his most excellent hamburger. The volcano is a bunch of onion rings stacked horseshoe-style surrounded by a mound of superb french fries.
                          * Porter House New York: Michael Lomanaco makes the most beautiful burnished brown onion rings dipped in buttermilk and fried up just right so that the onion ring doesn't separate from its sheath when you pop it into your mouth.
                          * The Good Fork: Brooklyn's best onion rings (unless someone tells me otherwise) are the tempura-battered beauties found in Red Hook at the Good Fork. These babies come with the Good Fork's excellent hamburger, but they make a perfect side dish for just about anything else on the menu here."

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                            Seconded on Telepan. I have only had the Molly's rings once but I thought they were a bit burned.

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                              I have heard Craft and Craftsteak have good onion rings. How are Molly's fries?

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                                Very average - they must spend more time on the onion rings!

                          2. The vidalia onion rings that accompany the steak entree at dinner at the ritzy Gotham Bar and Grill are easily the best I've ever had. I was pleased to learn on my last visit that the rings can be ordered a la carte, served with some interesting "marrow mustard custard" for dipping. You won't need a reservation to sit at the bar and have a beer and onion rings.

                            1. IHOP once gave me an order of the best tasting, largest & crispiest onion rings I had ever eaten. Then the next visit to IHOP, small & greasy & most of them were almost burnt! What a disapointment!

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                                Bubby's does great Onion Strings. You can't get onion strings in the UK :( only onion rings which I love, but your onion strings are amazing :)

                              2. go to ..the chip shop in brooklyn..everyhting is fried...not healthy but real good

                                1. Best onion rings I have had in Manhattan....

                                  Del Frisco's, BLT Prime, Rare Bar and Grill, Smith and Wollensky's.

                                  BLT Prime
                                  111 East 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

                                  Del Frisco's
                                  1221 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020

                                  Smith & Wollensky
                                  797 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022

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                                    if youre ever in greenwich CT, do the onion rings at burger shakes and fries