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Jul 7, 2008 08:21 AM

Kosher near Hunter Mountain

My son is going to camp up in Greenville in the Hunter Mountain region. Anyone know of any kosher restaurants anywhere near the area: I'm thinking there MUST be something in either Tannersville, Spring Glen, Fleischmanns or somewhere nearby?! Any help appreciated!

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  1. There is a kosher bed and breakfast in Hunter, NY called Harris's Happy Hunter Hideaway. I don't know if they cater to clientele not staying in the B&B itself, but it can't hurt to ask them.

    Contact info is available on their website:

    1. There is a kosher store in Tannersville, NY (about 5 minutes from Hunter mountain). It is called Kosher Mountain (518 589-6952). They have just about everything you could need and also a small "cafe" where they sell pizza, felafel, ice crean, knishes and a few more items.

      1. Kosher Mountain has been upgraded this year,
        Located in Tannersville, which is close to Hunter, Greenville Palanville, Haines falls and other towns.

        This store stocks everything kosher milk , fresh foods and dry goods , sauces, and also has a cafe section for coffee, pizza ice cream salads etc