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Jul 7, 2008 08:15 AM

Coffee Culture in NoVa

I just moved from the coffee-mecca of Boulder, Colorado and was spoiled by the plethora of choices of good independent coffee houses to enjoy a cup and work on my laptop. I haven't had any luck finding anything similar in the Vienna, Virginia area thus far. Does anyone have any suggestions of places I haven't been able to find yet? Bonus points for somewhere close to the W+OD trail so I can leave the car at home. Thanks.

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  1. i don't think murky coffee in arlington is tooooooo terribly far on the w&od. its a chowhound favorite.

    1. I live in Oakton and gee we have 2 Starbucks in our plaza.... I personally like Jamie's General Bean in Centreville and stop there on my way to hike Bull Run etc.

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      1. re: rHairing

        Sad news: I noticed a few weeks ago that Jamie's General Bean has closed. No doubt the poor economy played some role.

        It's too bad, this was a great independent coffee house.

        One thought: Wegmans has good coffee and the Sterling (er, "Dulles") location is close to the W&OD parking lot on 28.

        Stacy's in Falls Church has good coffee and a nice vibe -- it's not too too far from the trail, I think.

        1. re: Bob W

          Nice, Stacy's looks like a good possibility. I'll definitely be running by to try out their coffee in the very near future. Thanks.

          1. re: kwlarsen

            Stacy's also has great homemade and healthy breakfast burritos. It's my regular stop to and from the Falls Church Farmer's Market every Saturday.

      2. I went to Boulder 10 years ago and was annoyed to find that all of the coffee houses I went to served capuccinos in full glasses. They expected you to carry the dangerously hot glass to you table without a tray. How are you supposed to do this without burning your hand or spilling it onto your hands. Couldn't they have mugs? Is this still the case?

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          There are still a couple of those, generally the one's that are trying too hard to be 'hip'. If you're ever in Boulder again, the best caps, nice and dry, are served at The Trident, about a block west of the pedestrian part of Pearl Street. The place has been there forever and there are still the same people, literally, hanging out there that were there when I started my addicting to caffeine fifteen years ago.

          1. re: Aza Mila

            that is hilarious!!! ghetto latte !!!!!!!!

            1. re: Aza Mila

              I saw this a few days back and have been laughing about it ever since!