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Jul 7, 2008 07:50 AM

Anniversary dinner recs in St. Michaels/Easton?

I think I've narrowed the field to 208 Talbot, Bistro St. Michaels and the Inn at Easton, although I'm open to other recs if I've missed a good one. Does anyone know which option is best for food and romance?

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  1. I live in NYC but travel to the eastern shore a couple times a summer. I've been to 208 and the Inn and would highly recommend 208 for an anniversary dinner. Service is really accommodating (definitely mention it's a special night for you) and you can't beat the food and wine list.

    1. Sadly, the Inn at Easton closed its fabulous restaurant at the end of 2007. I have had good experiences with both food and service at 208 Talbot and think it would be a nice choice for an anniversary dinner.

      1. This place isnt as fancy but if you are there for one more meal I would absolutely suggest General Tanika in Easton for lunch or dinner. I was just there this weekend and loved it. Its a asian fustion sort of place - got to chat with the owner for a while and really enjoyed ourselves.

        1. I recommend Scossa in Easton, on the main square, just across the street from the courthouse. The chef is a veteran of Harry's in 'Venice (Italy) and Harry Cipriani in New York and the Italian fare is excellent, like a trip to Italy. There are also local specialties. The veggies are all custom grown and there is excellent seafood, including crab. It has a website. The restaurant is lovely and the service is very good.

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            Can't comment on Scossa's but have heard great things about it. Though we love 208's, for the romantic atmosphere as much as for the food. If by chance you're staying in St. Michael's, all the more reason to go since you can walk. Easton is a 20 minute drive. Also, the pub at the Inn at Perry Cabin just across the street from 208's is a cozy place for a night cap.

            By the way, I've heard recent negative reports about the service at the Bistro.

            Please report back!

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              I actually ate at Scossa last summer on my trip to the area. It was some of the best pasta I've had in the states. We'll be going there for lunch for sure.