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Jul 7, 2008 07:14 AM

Recommendations from The Perfect Scoop

I finally splurged and bought The Perfect Scoop. I was so excited, I had to try a recipe immediately. I was going to a barbeque with a Middle-Eastern theme, so I decided the apricot-pistachio ice cream would be the perfect thing. Well, I hated it. Hated it! I blame the apricots - it just tasted like baby food to me. The texture was stunning, I just couldn't stand the taste.

So, help me fall in love with this book after all. What are some of the best recipes? I have previously made the chocolate peanut butter ice cream, found from another source, and did adore it.

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  1. We are working our way through this book this summer. Here's what we've made so far:
    -Both the vanilla and chocolate are great--great bases for a variety of stuff you might want to mix in.
    -Strawberry sorbet--intense intense flavor, really good.
    -Toasted almond and cherry--we made this without the almonds and instead added mini-chocolate chips, great texture and flavor, I recommend the addition of chocolate!
    -Blackberry-lime sorbet--just made this this weekend, gorgeous color, not too sweet, you can really taste the lime
    -Orange popsicle--totally a summer flavor, but it definitely tastes more popsicle-y as opposed to creamsicle-y, so just a note depending on what you're looking for. It does have creamsicle-y hints though. Another winner.
    -Cherry sorbet--eh. Just was more a texture thing, almost mushy, which doesn't scream "winner" to me.
    Next up: mint chocolate chip and lemon speculoos. Have fun!!

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      I made the orange popsicle this weekend. With a dash of vanilla, it really took on a creamsicle flavor. I wonder about using creme fraiche in the place of sour cream. I'll definitely revisit this flavor, but I still have a lot to try first!

    2. The Salted Caramel ice cream is to die for. Absolutely an ice cream version of caramel. Be warned though, its quite rich!


      I don't think you need the toffee crunch in it, but it is kind of nice to practice caramelizing a smaller amount of sugar, to get a feel for it (before you do the whole 2 cups that goes into the ice cream). Also, mine definitely seized up as the recipe warns you, but I just was patient and kept stirring till (most) of the solids had dissolved. Well worth it!

      1. Check out this thread from last summer: Lots of options there! I still want to try the cherries.

        1. We've been working out way slowly through this as well. I"m making the Peach frozen yogurt today actually...base is chlling in the fridge at the moment.

          We like the Philadelphia Vanilla a lot. I make this frequently for friends along with some of the hot fudge and the candied cherries. Always a big hit.

          The cheesecake ice cream was also a huge hit(topped with balsamic marinated strawberries).

          The vanilla custard base is good. We prefer the PHiladelphia style straight as a straight vanilla but have used the custard as a base/jumping off point for other flavors. Peppermint was a particular flavor.

          I made the fig ice cream last year and we liked that a lot too.

          Haven't tried any of the chocolates yet.

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            We froze the yogurt mix and ate it right of the machine tonight. We both really liked it...the texture was great and flavor very nice, though next time I might try less sugar.

            Husband reminded me that another favorite we've made out of the book was the roasted banana ice cream.

            1. re: ziggylu

              I also made the roasted banana ice cream and everyone loved it. I've steered clear of a lot of the egg yolk ones (I swear, this is the summer I overcome the fear of tempering!) but that one was so easy and my husband loved it.

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                The regular banana sorbet recipe is also one of the simplest and is delicious.

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                  A lot of his recipes that call for egg yolks can be made without them and they turn out fine. Less rich and "chewy", but delicious nonetheless!

            2. I made his chocolate sorbet recently - loved it! The flavor was incredibly intense and the texture was great.

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                Hi FlyerFan -
                I just made this sorbet and while the flavor was outrageous, the texture was rather gritty. Did this happen to you? Or was yours smooth, as you would expect ice cream to be? Any suggestions on how to fix this? thank you!