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Jul 7, 2008 06:55 AM

restaurant with "industrial" decor?

hi there,

my mom is a design junkie and loves going to restaurants with cool interiors. She's a big fan of minimal (Perry St, etc) , but also likes industrial spaces (she loved PUBLIC). I've been tasked with finding a cool restaurant with hip decor. Food is secondary. Any suggestions? Any cuisine except indian & thai....also open to restaurants in bklyn.

thanks in advance!


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  1. Quality meats has a very cool & industrial interior. My wife is works in interior design and loves the Bar Room at the Modern.

    1. Rayuela, Stanton Social

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. All the AvroKo (designer of Public) designed spaces would qualify... so the aforementionned Quality Meats and Stanton Social, along with SAPA on 24th. Bar Room at the Modern is also a great suggestion.

          In Brooklyn -- Williamsburg, Dressler is gorgeous, delicious and Michelin rated. Make a trip out of it with a pre or post cocktail / wine / mojito / dessert at nearby Marlow & Sons, the new and festive Miss Favela, or steam punk-ish Moto -- just to cut the modernity with modern rustic.

          If you're willing to spend some money, Morimito has a clean architectural style.

          Craft Bar / Craft are also minimal elegant.

          Outside of dinner, if you two happen to be in the east village and need a break for a glass of wine, stop into 'ten degrees' (st marks @ ave A). the bar always seemed to me to be a poor mans 'public'.

          1. milos on 55 st near 6th ave