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Which wineries are worth visiting at NOTL?

pinkprimp Jul 7, 2008 06:26 AM

I am trying to plan a trip to NOTL, ideally a two day trip. I have no idea which wineries are worth visiting though! I really want to see Cave Spring (because I love their wines) but other than that I have no ideas, really. Also, if there are any recommendations for restaurants near the cellars, that would be great!

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    Scary Bill RE: pinkprimp Jul 7, 2008 06:49 AM

    I like:

    1. Vineland Estates for the wine and the view. A good place for lunch.
    2. Lailey for the wine, esp the chard.
    3. Inniskillin for the icewine.
    4. Malivoire for the rose.
    5. Henry of Pelham for the reisling and baco noir.
    6. Stratus for all their wines.

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    1. re: Scary Bill
      littlegreenpea RE: Scary Bill Jul 7, 2008 12:32 PM

      I definitely second all of these! I also think that the best parts of Niagara are outside of NOTL. Vineland, Malivoire and Cave Spring are in Vineland and Jordan. Pelham is not too far down the road, on the way to Saint Catherines.

    2. t
      tochipotle RE: pinkprimp Jul 7, 2008 07:39 AM

      When we went to Stratus last year, we called ahead and requested a tour. (it's a LEED building, so pretty interesting). Wines are great, but pretty expensive.
      Also Coyote's Run is a bit out of the way (we were biking), but the wine was amazing and the staff were really friendly.

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        melmary RE: tochipotle Jul 7, 2008 09:48 AM

        If you are going to the Bench I highly recommend Tawse...they are one of my faves....I prefer the smaller boutique like wineries! They do a great riesling and cab franc, and the Echos Red (bordeaux blend) is a personal fav!

      2. p
        peter2 RE: pinkprimp Jul 7, 2008 01:09 PM

        Since you are going to Beamsville (Cave Spring) you should check out Daniel Lenko (very unassuming), and 13th Street (on 13th Street). These are smaller wineries and the secret of Beamsville is starting to get out. I am not such a fan of Cave Spring except for the off-dry Riesling, but enjoy anyways! Rumour has it that Stevel Spielberg buys Cave Spring's rieslings but I don't know if he likes the dry or off-dry.

        Malivoire is good, Mountain Road better. On the way back to Niagara you can check out Stratus, Strewn, Hillebrand, Peller etc. but you will start to notice that things are getting a little "corporate". Try not to miss Marynissen in NOTL. He is one of the first in the area and I love his hearty reds. As you progress from Beamsville to NOTL, I think that you will begin to notice that Beamsville is where it's at! Personally after going for a number of years now, I rarely buy NOTL wines, but I love Beamsville's wines.

        Stay with the whites and the lighter reds, Gamays, Pinots and Cab. Francs. I find that NOTL does these wines best. I am generally not a fan of any NOTL's heavier reds.

        1. meld_la RE: pinkprimp Jul 7, 2008 05:53 PM

          I second Marynissen.
          In fact, most of the suggestions are solid.
          Malivoire is definitely one of my favourites- I've been for a tour and a food pairing session with a chef. also, I believe they're all organic.
          Henry of pelham is a great place to have a meal too- you could have lunch en route to or from NOTL

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          1. re: meld_la
            Scary Bill RE: meld_la Jul 8, 2008 06:04 AM

            Marynissen used to be one of my faves' until they had what seemed to me to be a few very inconsistent years. I really liked their Chard, thought it was one of the top Chards in the area.

            If they have gotten it back together, then they are a must visit.

          2. c
            CuriousCat RE: pinkprimp Jul 7, 2008 06:57 PM

            I'll throw in a vote for a little guy -- I really enjoyed visiting Konzelmann. Super friendly, unpretentious service/flights, which was such a nice experience since the BF was not a wine-person (and I am certainly no expert myself). I am itching to go back to buy more of their Baco Noir, and their Peach wine is fun and summery (esp. mixed with a dry sparkling).

            1. g
              grilledcheese RE: pinkprimp Jul 8, 2008 06:46 AM

              Vineland Estates is excellent. The food is some of the best in the region. The grounds are beautiful. And the staff in the shop are extremely helpful and friendly.

              Hillebrand also has gorgeous facilities. Get yourself in the upstairs tasting room if your pockets are deep enough.

              1. c
                Campofiorin RE: pinkprimp Jul 8, 2008 09:26 AM

                I don't remember how I found out about them but I really liked what I was served at The Organized Crime, a brand new winery with good wines and fair prices. It's pretty close to Thirty Bench that makes good whites. Stratus is a must despite the prices, the red is simply amazing so is the icewine. Coyote's Run is more than decent, the pinot is quite good. I like Flat Rock Cellars because the place looks amazing and they're from out of left field a little. Fielding is also a good option and very close to Thiry Bench. Their whites are good. I second Cave Springs, their rieslings are it. Vineland is a no -brainer.

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