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1 day cookery course, in Rome

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I'm trying to find an english speaking 1 day cooking course in Rome, for my mother's 60th birthday. My father is taking her to rome for her present & i want to surprise her with a days cooking course - she loves to cook. Can anyone help?

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  1. don't delay: contact www.maureenbfant.com - unquestionably the best.

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      I second the motion of getting in touch with Maureen Fant for a wonderful day of shopping, cooking and eating......


      Eat like the Romans. Cook like the Romans. Cook with me.

      I must stipulate that Maureen is a good friend of mine but her cooking course seems to be perfect for the poster's request.

    2. Check out Diane Seed's Cooking School - http://www.italiangourmet.com/index2..... She has beautiful apartment right above Piazza Venezia where she leads her courses.

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        1. I strongly recommend www.maureenbfant.com Maureen has just written, with an Italian food historian, a new pasta cookbook, called Sauces and Shapes. Enjoy!

          1. Daniela di Balzo does wonderful one day cooking classes:

            There is also Fabio:

            Both combine visits to the market with cooking classes.