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Jul 7, 2008 05:16 AM

Fabulous, inexpensive 40th bday party

I'm looking for a great place to hold a 40th birthday celebration in downtown Boston. Budget is about $30/pp including bevies- i'm fine with beer & wine- just don't want to end up charging my guests to drink. I hear Teatro has reasonably priced bottles of wine, and I love Mantra across the street. I'm open to just about anything- suggestions? I'd like to offer food- tapas and/or apps would be fine in lieu of a sit-down dinner. Where can I get the most bang for that price? I'm guessing there will be 40-50 people. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. This price point seems very constraining for downtown Boston: how many drinks does that $30 include, and does it include tax and tip? I know you can't get a single cocktail and a tapa (let alone an appetizer) at Mantra for that. The size of the party also suggests you need a private room or to take over a significant chunk of most restaurants, also not good for your price goals.

    1. This isn't downtown but close, but the The Muddy bar at MIT is available for private receptions, cheap to rent, and the beer and wine prices are ridiculously cheap. It's not the most ambient spot inside, but it's in an amazing old building (the Walker Building) and you could have food catered, and if you bring CD's they'll play 'em or a CD with mp3's.

      Here's the location: pop over someday for a beer/wine and see what you think, it is open to the public.