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Jul 7, 2008 05:14 AM

Vienna Solo dining


It's great to find threads here that deal with Viennese dining. I'll be making a trip to Vienna next month by myself, and will be there from Aug. 1-6. What are some better options for dining solo in Vienna? I am young (university student) but I've saved up a good deal of money for my dining budget, so I am not as restricted a typical twenty-something might be. The finer places I am sure would be fine dining solo (Steirereck, Meinl am Graben, etc) , since I've done that elsewhere in Paris and NY, but what are some mid-tier and typical Viennese places that I can try without feeling strange. I speak decent German, so hopefully I won't stick out like a typical tourist!

Also, are there particular food/wine/gourmet shops or similar places that I should go to? Gerstner for pastries, Meinl and the Naschmarkt immediately come to mind, but I am sure I am missing some. Also, if you are in the area and wish to try a restaurant together, do let me know.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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  1. Robert,
    Meinl and Steirereck are very expensive, and I am sure you will enjoy your meal as well in less expensive places:
    Try Finsterer Stern, Gaumenspiel, Flein, Urania or Hollmann Salon !!

    Gerstner is just one address for pastries, Demel, Heiner and the Aida chain are also recommended.

    For a real market experience Naschmarkt is much too touristy, go rather to Brunnenmarkt and try Restaurant Kent for the Istanbul feeling !! Other markets recommended are the Karmelitermarkt and the Rochusmarkt. If you want to see Naschmarkt go on Saturday morning to the flea market, and take you lunch later at the gourmet stalls of the lower Naschmakrt, where you can mix with the young and trendy Viennese...