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Jul 7, 2008 03:42 AM

Svedish Chef (Food Humor)

Thanks to Food Fuser's link, I found lots of Swedish Chef trivia and descriptions of many of the Muppets' Swedish Chef Episodes.

I liked when he fended off the lobster banditos.
If you scroll all the way down, it looks like the last photo of the chef is actually the chef depicting Paul Prudhomme!

What was your favorite food the Swedish Chef made?

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  1. "Today, we maka the meetie loafer. Hur bee da meat (pulls over ground beef) and hur bee da loafer (pulls over man's loafer). Den you stoooof da meeet innnnn da loafer (stuffing meat in shoe)."

    I saw the actual Muppet in the Smithsonian Museum of American History a couple of years ago. He's rather bigger than I thought he would be.

    1. Go to Google and click on the link to Language tools. Scroll down and set the default for Bork-bork-bork.

      I think my all time favorite was Chicken-in-a-basket. If I recall correctly, it involved some poor chickens and a basketball hoop.