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Jul 6, 2008 11:13 PM

Overcooked Brownies

I just made brownies, but they came out too hard/overcooked. As I would hate to just throw them away, does anyone have any ideas on how I could soften the texture? I know I could serve them with ice cream, but is there anything else? Thanks!!!

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  1. poke holes across the top, then pour over one of the following:
    sweetened condensed milk (or if you fear it'll be too sweet, evaporated milk)
    a liquor (amaretto, grand marnier, frangelico, etc.)

    then feel free to top with frosting, or not... any of the above should reconstitute some of the moisture.

    1. Cut them into cubes and use them to make trifle.

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      1. re: susan1353

        or use them to make a very rich bread pudding.

      2. ok, i'll say, cut them into little cubes, douse them with frangelico or amaretto, alternate layers with vanilla ice cream in a trifle bowl, and top with fresh whipped cream with a wee bit of fresh grated nutmeg, and shavings from a chocolate bar. yeah. let's eat!

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            hope you enjoyed it. from a proxy-depression child, (mom born 1922, florida panhandle.)

        1. Eat in the morning crumbled into a bowl of milk. Some very special Special K.

          1. In addition to the great suggestions already given, crumble them up, use them as the base for a cheesecake.