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Breakfast in Portland?

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I will be staying downtown Portland for a few days in a couple of weeks. I hate hotel breakfasts...they are always mediocre and expensive. Are their any good breakfast spots near the downtown area? I will be staying at the Hotel Lucia right downtown.

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  1. My favorite breakfast at Kenny & Zukes: corned beef hash.
    My second favorite breakfast: pastries at Ken's Artisan Bakery

    I've also had good breakfasts at the restaurant at Hotel Monaco (Red Star?)

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    1. I agree about the pastries at Ken's. Also for a little funky style but good is "half and half" around the corner from Powell's books. Both of these palces are lighter in nature than say a big breakfast.
      For a big breakfast, I would consider the Heathman or better yet the Byways Cafe in the Pearl. I tend to eat light in the morning so I don't know that many places for a
      big breakfast.
      Enjoy your visit.

      1. Bijou Cafe and Mother's Bistro are good for breakfast downtown also.

        1. The Bijou is a Portland classic. It's busy, but if you're by yourself, you should be able to get a spot at the counter. It's about a five minute walk from your hotel. Also near the Bijou is Voodoo doughnuts and Stumptown coffee, both "only in Portland" types of places.

          1. Last time I was down there, I went to Old Wife's Tail for breakfast... it was really good. They had lots of great vegetarian (and vegan, gluten-free, and meat-tacular) options.

            Old Wives' Tales Restaurant
            1300 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

            1. If you're in/near Sellwood, don't miss breakfast at Bertie Lou's. They make some amazing variations on eggs benedict (along with a bunch of other great combos.) And by the way -- you can get breakfast served anytime of the day.

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                No where near downtown, though, which is what was asked for...

                Kenny and Zuke's and Mother's (splurge for the french press coffee at Mother's, it is worth it) followed by the Bijou are probably the best places for breakfast downtown.