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Jul 6, 2008 09:06 PM

Nice dinner, near Cloyne?

I know its kinda in the middle of no where, but my fiancee and I are renting a cottage up there for our honeymoon and I would like to have a nice dinner one night. Any recos would be great!
Or anywhere around there

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  1. LOL, no one knows Cloyne !
    But happily it is right near my cottage of 35 years. Unfortunately the choices are not plentiful.

    Snider's Restaurant just north of Cloyne - good for decent road food if you're thinking hot beef sandwich for dinner.
    The Swiss Inn in Denbigh, about 1/2 hour up the highway - Probably as close to a real restaurant as you will find. If you call ahead they will do fondue. Quality is a relative thing.
    Marble Lake Lodge just off the 506 - Nice view of lake, pretty ho hum menu.
    Captain John's Fish and Chips in Northbrook - Does a passable fish and chips
    Trappers Lounge / Northbrook Hotel in Northbrook - My neighbour's tell me they do a good brunch and it is not as dodgey as it looks from the outside
    Keep an eye for signs in the stores for church dinners, especially in Flinton. That the real ticket to good chow.

    So at the end of the day, let's just say you are not spoiled for choice. My choice is to pick up a steak from Morris, the excellent butcher, at Cloyne Village Foods and throw it on the BBQ.

    Here is a couple of websites that may help out.

    Have a great time, it is beautiful country and don't forget to climb the rock.

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      thanks...i figured it would be slim pickings...but I thought I would ask! But I do have to ask...what is the rock?

      1. re: melmary

        The Mazinaw Rock on Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo Provincial Park: great view, native pictographs, poetry by Walt Whitman. I always said I should open a bar at the top because you sure need a beer when you get there. : )

      2. re: Mila

        Memories of childhood drives up to the cottage and stopping off at Snider's for lunch and having a burger, butter tart or a slice of blueberry pie. Nothing fancy but just good plain food for hungry travellers and locals alike.

        1. re: Mila

          Just got the word from Dad who was at the Flinton church dinner last weekend and claimed it to be delicious, especially the all you can eat pie. $10

          There won't be another in Flinton until the fall but there should be some upcoming in Ardoch and Harlowe.

          Wiley - I'll certainly check out the Twin Oaks Lodge. Sounds good.

        2. You could call Carla at Twin Oaks Lodge in Fernleigh (613 279 3248) and ask what's on for dinner. If it appeals to you, make reservations, It's family style eating, homemade bread, etc.and you don't have to be staying there to eat.

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          1. re: Wiley

            Been going to the area, and Twin Oaks, since I was in utero, nearly 50 years ago. The food is excellent, truly homemade, and the view from their dining room is wonderful. Hundreds of families have vacationed there and eaten in that dining room, going back three generations. Call Carla and tell her you want to start some family memories of your own.