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TNFNS- 7/6/08 elimination (spoiler inside)

I can't believe Shane is gone.

He was the one chef on there that I would have really enjoyed watching.
I would especially have like to know how he consistently turns out perfectly cooked meat and fish.

The judges are nuts.

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  1. Musings:
    What a surprise. Aaron and Adam, the two contestants I thought were headed out the door last week were the two that did best this week.

    I hope that when Shane left saying that now he would have to figure out what he was going to do with his life, he was not talking about giving up on cookings. He is clearly very talented.

    I am now finding that I am rooting for Lisa, but it looks like it is anyone's to win. Let's see, if I were betting -- given what we've seen; what we know so far -- I think I would bet on Aaron or Lisa. They both have work to do, but I think the odds are strongest for them. Keley is really too young; she hasn't taken her power yet and although Adam looked very strong tonight, he may still be a little too erratic.

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    1. re: chicgail

      Lisa is really up and down for me. Going into this episode her stock was on the rise, but then when she started talking to her brownie buddy about haricot vere and describing horseradish cream "like regular horseradish with remoulade" I wanted to smack some sense through those bangs. Then she gets on RR and the wheels start coming off and now I'm feeling sorry for her. This woman is a roller coaster.

      Did any one else notice Shane's expression when he was introduced to his kid companion? It was as if some have him a bag of poop.

      1. re: kmcarr

        I've seen only a few episodes, but I thought Lisa deserved to go last night.

        Lisa failed both parts of the challenge. In developing the menu, she basically told the kid what she wanted; she ended up making steak, which the kid said she didn't like! And she was absolutely terrible on camera. I thought she was much worse than Shane.

    2. Thank you for the spoiler, saves me from watching (Curiosity). What is FN doing with these young chefs, they just cut them to size and intimidate them no end.

      1. Aaron scared me when he washed his hands. I was worried he was going to repeat himself from the week before wasting time. (When he just stood there eating and not talking.) It was wonderful to see him do so well. IMO he seems great on camera.

        Adam should really send some flowers to Jen. If she had not risen her level of incompetence to such new heights last week I'm sure he would not have been able to do well this week. Her brilliant move of smashing the jar over the cooking area I don't think could be over looked and saved him.

        I need some clarification here I thought I remembered the judges saying to themselves how good his food was. But I don't recall them telling him that. If anything they implied the opposite.

        As for Lisa, throwing in French words for the sake of letting others hear. And as always mispronouncing them. Glad to see the judges call her on it. Interesting to see her change her story regarding her menu choice in front of the judges. I always thought she was nothing but style over substance see how bad she did certainly dose not change that pint of view. And why was I not surprised to hear how wonderful and sophisticated the taste of her own child is? I just surprised she didn't tell us all in French.

        1. I was ready for Shane to go when he was espousing the French lifestyle and how his show would be based on it and he's never been there. Nice idea but if you really don't know what you are talking about, how can you do a whole show on it? Just because he learned a few French dishes in cooking school? Interesting melt down from Lisa; she went all "Cindy Brady goes on TV game show and freaks out". Kelsey was uber-irritating...she just doesn't get it. She thought it was a good idea to go on RR's show and have her make her dish..oh and along the way correct her while she was doing it. Diva action from RR..."so what are you going to do while I do your job?" And she thought that was how to be authoritative...she's on her way out. Poor Lisa, I don't see her winning now, what with her "demons" to conquer. And I don't see wanting to watch a show hosted by Kelsey, Aaron or the other jokey guy...can't even remember his name...that's a bad sign! (Although his tears about his lost restaurant did make him seem more human, less Bozo, for a minute). This is sadly becoming more fun to watch to see who FN gets stuck with.

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          1. re: ptrap

            Shane is the only one I would've watched...Adam maybe.

            The time of my life, that I won't get back, watching that show. I didn't sit down and watch the whole thing, I missed the entire beginning. But I still regret it.

            RR pulled a TOTAL attitude on Kelsey. I have to give her credit...A 'kid' as they called her would've run away and cried after that crap. She had her make eggs. She made and cooked the meatballs. I don't think she totally squelched.

            She's not my favorite, she's a little annoying, but they were taking way too many freedoms with editing there.

          2. I wonder what the producers of the show are/were thinking when they chose such young contestants as Shane and Kelsey. They keep repeating how they lack maturity, but what the heck do they expect? These are just kids, for pete's sake!

            Imho, both exhibit passion for their field, and skills from the professional training, and both are very personable. Maturity is something I don't think is possible for either of them to have for some time to come. Neither of them has had TIME to "live" yet.

            If they were looking for mature contestants, they should not have selected such youngsters for the finals.

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            1. re: ChefJune

              I have to agree that it is unreasonable to select 22 or 23 year old contestants and then ding them because they have not been to France. Personally, if I were the TVFN, I would be sending the kid to a farm team to get him the experience he needs because the kid can flat out cook. Shane would be my hoice to prepare me a meal with Aaron a close second.

              Aaron made an error in that he turned his back to the camera. Had he just said that they washed their hands first, it would have been better. However, he really connected with the child and really made her feel great. On the five kids, which one is going to have the best memories of the experience?

              What was a shame was that Lisa and Shane marginalized their child assistants which is a serious error in my opinion.

              1. re: ChefJune

                I wonder what the producers of the show are/were thinking when they chose such young contestants as Shane and Kelsey. They keep repeating how they lack maturity, but what the heck do they expect? These are just kids, for pete's sake!
                Jamie Oliver was 23 when he did "The Naked Chef" - and that was a kick-off to a pretty damn good television career. Some can do it; some can't.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  But Janie Oliver was doing his own thing, not some of these contrived food stunts. Of course, you are asking for trouble on TV when you appear with an animal or a kid and you do not make them part of the action.

                  1. re: jlawrence01

                    Agreed. But obviously he was mature enough to "do his own thing". If he sucked as bad as Shane and Kelsey did last night, I doubt he would have gotten that show.

                2. re: ChefJune

                  I believe they're thinking that they want to make the show entertaining and that these potential contestants would help to up the drama.

                3. I think Rachel's reaction summed up the FN's fears of putting Kelsey in a position of authority. It did not go well at all.
                  While I feel that RR could have kept her contempt closer to the vest, I understand her unveiled, on camera slam in response to Kelsey assigning her the responsibility of cooking the main portion of the dish. Bad move.
                  Having authority doesn't mean delegating, necessarily. As a guest, and moreover a contestant, Kelsey needed to cook her own food to prove her ability. Her failure to understand this goes to her lack of life experience.
                  I just watched Gordon Ramsey to a guest cooking spot on RR, and with all of his success and culinary acclaim as a master chef and restauranteur, he assigned nothing to RR. He cooked and kibitzed, being effective and affable at the same time.
                  That's what Adam did, and that's why I think he won last night. The camera loved him, and he loved the audience, feeding off of their energy.
                  Aaron did a great job after the hand washing incident, but I'm not sure what his "culinary point of view is" and what he would bring in terms of intersting food revelations.
                  Lisa broke out of the gate very strong, but couldn't recover after RR took the reins and rode that segment all the way home. Lisa was like the Big Brown of th food segment competition. I agree with the previous poster, she is very up and down. She can cook, but is way to invested in the idea of winning and having a career at FN. "This is my life" over and over again, she says. No. You're life is your familiy. I think her demons are a misguided sense of priorities and life sucesses. Her entire future and happiness in life does not hinge on winning TNFNS. She needs to breathe.
                  Shane-too young. You should be able to relate food to life. I think most foodies link the two. Book smarts-yes. Street knowledge-no. Not yet. Moreover, he didn't show maturity or grace in dealing with a situation which made him feel uncomfortable. Again, life experiences teach us how to deal and make the best of things, but he doesn't have that to draw from-but I don't know if that's just age. It was an inability to relate to someone else and their feelings. I felt really sorry for his Brownie. She was shy and he acted like he was going to catch failure from her.


                  1. Does anyone really believe Kelsey should stay over Shane? I thought he did ok, minus ignoring his assistant (nerves). He's young, he thinks he knows more than he does, he can be taught. You can make a show around him learning. Kelsey wants to teach people who've never cooked before. I find that somewhat asinine for the Food Network. On top of that her demeanor to RR (not that I'm a fan, but she's a FN juggernaut) was insulting and I don't blame the contempt. Honestly, this show more than any other has turned me from FN overall. I'm pretty sure I'm not watching any more after this episode. It was hard enough as it is. Still be rooting for Aaron or Lisa to figure it out though. And yes, strong applause to Adam for really doing a 180 on all his previous work

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                    1. re: Icantread

                      I thought is was a toss up between Kelsey and Shane to go. I think Shane's mistake was worse, in the spectrum of things. Not that he did bad, but he didn't just make an error in the spotlights of the studio and audience. He lost it from the second he saw the kids, and that's not good.
                      Kelsey takes the judges suggestions to heart, but over-corrected. Plus, I think RR is in the Giada camp and thinks Kelsey is too cloyingly sweet...and young. I could see the disbelief in RR's eyes the SECOND Kelsey indicated that she would be giving RR a job.
                      Come to think of it, RR worked a lot better with the guys vs. the gals. Hmm.

                    2. He could cook but he never really connected with the camera. Yeah, it's about the food but at the end, this is a TELEVISION position. If, after 6 weeks, he can't get rid of that hostile, forced look on camera, it isn't going to happen anytime soon.

                      Did you see him dumping bowl after bowl of ingredients in his dish without any mention of what they were? How could you learn anything from this guy? He doesn't tell you what he's doing.

                      After the RR segment, it's clear that the last two standing are going to be Adam and Aaron. Neither of the other two look comfortable in front of the camera.

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                      1. re: meadandale

                        I was so ready to narrow it down to Lisa, Shane, or Kelsey. After last night though, I decided that Adam and Aaron were now in the running. Lisa was dissapointing, to say the least, and I was confused by Kelsey. I think RR was very hard on her and Lisa both. I agree with the previous poster that she was better with the men.


                      2. I'm a Lisa homer, so i'm hoping she can pull it together and win. The Big "D" locals are kind of upset and feel she's being unfairly portrayed...check it out here http://sidedish.dmagazine.com/2008/07... But obviously if they are unfairly editing Lisa's clip from the RR show, then all the other contestant's clips are just as likely to be maximum drama.

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                        1. re: iluvtennis

                          There's some interesting reading on Food Network Addict. Apparently, Lisa is not happy about the editing. I wouldn't be either. She looks great on the RR show, and like a total deer in headlights, whose segment got hijacked by RR on NFNS. Hmmmmm.......
                          If it really is Lisa writing in to the blog, as he claims for sure it is, it looks as though she probably isn't TNFNS.

                          If you didnt catch the finalists on RR, check it out here:

                          1. re: monavano

                            After watching the clip above, I agree with monavano, Lisa did a very good job. She interacted well with both RR and Hallie. There was about 10 seconds, if that, of silence. I don't understand FN right now. What are they looking for?

                            1. re: kprange

                              I'm perplexed, too. Shane could have been the FN's new Tyler Florence or Jamie Oliver. A much more attractive demographic than repeating what the network already has. On the other hand, the judges see much more of the contestants than we do. They clearly had issues with his food skills (although he is a professional chef, where Kelsey seems to have little more than a food degree.)

                              I agreed that Lisa railroaded that poor kid into wanting to eat couscous and flank steak. Of all the contestants, Aaron came closest to actually doing what he was told to do: come up with a kid-friendly meal. Maybe we've all been set up to see his nerves and insecurities so he can pull it out at the end.

                              1. re: kprange

                                If you read that blog, it does indicate that the Rachel Ray show was edited as well. Actually, it seems that they cut off about 40 seconds of the 4 minute presentation. So it could be possible that Lisa just clammed up for 40 seconds out of the 4 minute presentation, which is a bit too much.

                                1. re: Miss Needle

                                  If that is true, that is fine. Why blast her for that and not talk about her good points the way they did for Aaron? He made a huge blunder in the beginning and then pulled it out.

                                  1. re: kprange

                                    It's all about editing. Apparently, Lisa is the "villain" for this show.

                                    1. re: Miss Needle

                                      Wow, I have to say that after watching the whole RR clip that TFN totally screwed Lisa. There was no long awkward silence like they made you believe after editing and Lisa stayed engaged pretty much the whole time.

                                      Just goes to show how 'real' reality shows are. It's all about making drama where none likely exists.

                                      1. re: meadandale

                                        I thought the same thing at first, but I'm pretty sure that RR's show was also edited.

                                        1. re: Jackpot

                                          All talk shows are edited. Unless it's something like GMA, Today Show, or Regis and whatsherface, they're usually not shown live. Oprah; Jerry Springer; The Tonight Show; Letterman; The View; RR - taped and edited down to the 42 minute time slot (if an hour-long show). Often taped weeks in advance.

                                        2. re: meadandale

                                          If you actually count how many minutes the "4 minute" segment took, you will see that 40 seconds have been unaccounted for. A good editor will make it look seamless.

                                          I'm not saying that the FN didn't screw her over. I'm saying that none of us knows what really happened.

                                  2. re: kprange

                                    on air drama to produce a more entertaining show.

                                    I think that too many people operate under the misconception that NFNS/Top Chef/etc is actually about the cooking and such and not designed to be first and foremost an entertaining dramatic show of it's own.

                                  3. re: monavano

                                    It says in Lisa's e-mail that her postings at D Magazine are being edited and that the link to the real RR clip was deleted. It's still up on the D Magazine blog i read, though...that's how i saw the NFNS clip vs the unedited clip.

                                    1. re: monavano

                                      I just watched the clip, and I don't know what to think. How much was THAT clip edited?

                                      1. re: monavano

                                        Okay, so in reading through all this stuff on this site, the thing that jumped out at me wasn't the RR clip, or even the clip FTV showed. It was RULE 22, which pretty much gives FTV the legal right to show you any way they want including making you look ridiculous, silly, foolish, or in a derogatory light. WHO in their right mind would sign away all their rights and agree to FTVs hold harmless clause? These people can't want to be on FTV *that* badly...can they?

                                        1. re: DiningDiva

                                          I thought that was pretty ridiculous as well. It pretty much said they had the right to MAKE you look like an idiot.

                                          She should be happy they didn't try to make it look like she was drunk when she feel down during the naval episode.

                                          1. re: DiningDiva

                                            >>> WHO in their right mind would sign away all their rights and agree to FTVs hold harmless clause? These people can't want to be on FTV *that* badly...can they?

                                            Who in their right mind goes on a reality show? Answer: No one.

                                            Yes, lucky for us, Top Chef seems to do the least screwing around. Seems. As far as we know. And so maybe the cheftestants there are only partly off-center. :)

                                            1. re: DiningDiva

                                              These people can't want to be on FTV *that* badly...can they?
                                              Obviously, yes. Those hold harmless clauses have been in reality show contracts from the beginning, I'm sure.

                                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                                Linda, I'm sure you're right that the hold harmless clauses have always been there. We do them routinely at work too. I was just a little surprised at how blatantly it stated they had the right to make a person look ridiculous and there is not recourse.

                                        2. How come only Lisa is screaming that her clip was edited to make her look bad? It seems that only Lisa and people that know her are making a huge deal about things. Lisa is doing interviews and going on line and into chat rooms, while still a contestant, saying that she a very nice giving person and point out all the great work she does. Perhaps other contestants have done this too and I have missed it. She just seems too be trying a little to hard.

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                                          1. re: Withnail42

                                            One thing for sure. It's pretty obvious that while Lisa hasn't yet broken -- but whow is it bent -- the nondisclosure agreement that will end up with her being sued a million dollars when and/or if she does .... it's fairly clear by her actions that she is not the winner of the show.

                                            1. re: HarryK

                                              Yeah, she seems a little too bitter at this point...wonder who it's gonna be then? They all seem to be doing quite a bit of struggling.

                                          2. I, too, can't believe Shane is gone this week. His cooking has been good all along, he has handled most of the challenges well. It's true that he had a problem connecting with the girl scout on this week's episode, but shouldn't a decision (in the absence of a real disaster--which Shane's performance was not) be based on overall performance throughout the series? Adam has made unpalatable food on all but two episodes, his antics have missed the mark more often than they've hit it, and yet he remains in the final four while Shane who has been much more consistent, in both cooking and personality, got the shaft. I also saw the unedited RR clip of Lisa's performance and couldn't believe how bad FN made her look with their re-edit job. Something seems rotten in the state of Denmark. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that the FN judges, Susie and Bob, especially, those network programmers who have got rid of Mario Batali in order to pump up shows like Sandra Lee's semi-disaster and Mark Summer's "Unwrapped," which has NO relationship to cooking, are choosing to edit TNFNS in such ways that allows them to choose the person who fits the demographic they want. Sad, sad, sad! I'm hoping one of the more intelligent networks will pick up Shane, who has a great cooking career ahead of him, even if he hasn't "gasp" actually been to France yet!

                                            1. I can't help but think that the winner of this contest won't be happy in the end. They are caught up in the glory and the lights of the TV, but what will they have in the end? This is my prediction:

                                              They will have a boss that probably doesn't believe in them and is just waiting for their contracted number of episodes to end.

                                              During the competition, all contestants have been stripped of their dignitiy and uniqueness. The unlucky winner will be the "loser" of the Food Network and probably won't be respected by anyone. Their show will be put on in a non-popular spot and it won't be promoted. They will see that their bosses are the biggest, most arrogant people they've ever worked for.

                                              Lisa, a competant chef, and my favorite, is already showing the signs. She's the strongest chef they have in the competition, and they've beaten her down to a point where she has absolutely no self confidence. And when she even thinks about being herself, they remind her, verbally, that they will always keep her in check.

                                              The judges are the kind of people that want to see you reveal yourself, make you cry, and then lead you on. They momentarily reward you for your tears, but chances are they will stab you in the back. I've had bosses like that. I've always been relieved upon either quitting or losing my job. It's just not worth it!

                                              I feel quite sure that Lisa won't win, though I'd watch her show above all others. I hope that someday she realizes that it's a good thing she didn't win. It really doesn't seem like the dream job anyone could hope for.


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                                              1. re: puppymomma

                                                I'll watch the show off and on, if I'm up at that time. (Honestly, I'm 27 and 10 pm on a Sunday..pushing it for me.)

                                                But I don't make a point of it like I did for Top Chef. Even when they pushed their shows back an hour mid season. Top Chef is an event in my household, no matter how busy we are, LOL.

                                                I think the break came when...I think it was Giada..last season wouldn't allow a contestant defend herself to a volley of snarky comments from the judges. Now obviously, we only see so much. But what was shown, was volley of snarky comments, contestant open mouth to give point of view, and Giada say "You don't have to have a comment for everything we say to you. It's very off-putting."

                                                I think it might have been Amy. Possibly they shouldn't have the celebrity chefs on the panel...when they are overly harsh of contestants, it puts them in a bad light, not the network, when the network is more than likely the one pulling the strings. And whose reputation is the one really suffering here?

                                                FN is faceless, with umpteen different chefs and shows. Not my favorite channel, but only so much out there. I only see one chef speaking, (scripted or not) and I can choose not to watch them, or buy whatever they are hawking at the moment.

                                                1. re: sommrluv

                                                  Giada's attitude and snarkyness were 'off-putting' last. Lot's of people seemed to notice just how nasty she was. Her comments really seemed unfair to the contestants. This year she has only been on once to far and still had the claws out. What I never understood was why FN would allow her to be portrayed in such a bad light. She is one of their stars that they expect the contestants to emulate.

                                              2. Well I am surprised as the rest of you with the results letting Shane go. But in watching the rerun, did anyone else notice a little "tude" from Shane? The look on Suzie's face was not really to good, sort of like she made a mental note that when he was corrected about his joylessness and being too technical, he was unwilling to let that part of himself go.... Screeeeech. I thought oh no!!! inmo, I thought he was the best cook.Then when he was going on about French and the French, and how they live and blah....and no he's never visited but he has read and he has learned... he seemed a little hmmm.... full of bs. Too bad the young man can cook, I hope he learns from this, he seems pretty sensitive.

                                                Too bad about Lisa, I felt bad for her. She blew the whole entire deal.
                                                Aaron did well and Adam too, but he is just scarey for me.
                                                Oh Kelsey Kelsey, "Rach" I cringed when she called her that. Way too familiar too soon. I was surprised to see that she disrepected RR in many ways, very strange. That segment seemed tense to me.
                                                For me this is the weirdest season so far...

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                                                1. re: chef chicklet

                                                  I was glad when Shane said that he was unwilling to change. I'm sure he knew that saying it would end his time on the show. I admire him for sticking with who he is. Ultimately, he just isn't what they seem to be after.

                                                  But I felt really bad with the way they treated him. They belittled him on TV. They knew he was all about French food, and that he hadn't been to France, or it would have been on his resume/application.

                                                  It's the way that the subject was broached. They shoved it down his throat in a humiliating sort of way.

                                                  It is one thing to judge someone's performance, technique, or the taste of their dish. But this group of judges makes everything extremely personal. They do a lot of personal attacks, which are just not called for, in my opinion.


                                                  1. re: puppymomma

                                                    Couldn't agree with you more! It is appalling the way the judges treat contestants on this show. Meanwhile, I bet each of them would bomb given their ridiculous and inane challenges. Those two, Susie and Bob, should be removed from TV asap. Talk about mean and arrogant - Sheesh!

                                                    1. re: TatyanaG

                                                      As I've said several times on this thread, the whole show is about creating drama and television that they feel will generate the highest ratings.

                                                      Anyone who believes that this is a "fair competition", designed to "showcase a new food network star", etc is fooling themselves - *everything* about this show (and all reality shows) is designed to generate higher ratings for *that show*.

                                                      1. re: jgg13

                                                        P'shaw! Next thing you know you'll be saying there's no Santa. :-))

                                                          1. re: Withnail42

                                                            LMAO! I meant I agree with everything jgg13 said in that post, W.

                                                    2. re: puppymomma

                                                      i think part of the problem also is that we're seeing just a small fraction of what actually goes on. i'm reminded of the thread on barbara lynch (the mac & cheese episode) where someone posted that they were in the audience and the judges were told they were being "too nice" and they had to reshoot with some more scathing commentary.

                                                      at the time of taping, the contestants or judges can't possibly know what is going to end up in the final product. that being said, as a contestant, you have to know what you're getting into after seeing reality show after reality show. people are going to look like idiots.

                                                      can we fault them for wanting to give it a shot? i can't. look at guy fieri. people critique TNFNS and now he's probably laughing all the way to the bank with 2 shows and as a spokesperson for friday's. i feel bad for the way the contestants are portrayed, but i think if they are taking it for what it's worth, you accept it and move on with your life.

                                                      (and p.s. re the comment about top chef below, i'd bet that lisa is NOT happy the way she was portrayed - is that editing any different than this? and i LOVE top chef. my fave fave fave show.)

                                                      1. re: puppymomma

                                                        Shane was eliminated primarily for his lack of "culinary view." Where did this idea come from? It seems to me that it popped up last year in the series that Amy ("the French chef next door," or something) won. About midway through the competition, all the contestants were suddenly forced to create a "culinary (point of) view" for themselves, a requirement which was telegraphed to them by the judges' questioning. It is forcing the contestants to artificially squeeze themselves into a box in which few feel comfortable. Witness Shane's verbal contortions.

                                                        What's wrong with, "This food tastes great!" as a culinary point of view?

                                                      2. re: chef chicklet

                                                        I felt the danger vibe when I saw their interaction. I was never crazy about Kelsey but now I feel like she was knifed by Rachel Ray. Think about it...why would Rach want another "cute" girl chef on "her" channel. Kelsey is younger plus she has real cooking credentials. As or Lisa, am I the only one who was shocked when she mentioned having a kid? did we ever hear her mention the kid before? Poor child must be force fed steak and horseradish cream or else Mom will give him her Botoxed angry face.
                                                        If TFN wants a clown/chef adam will fill that bill of fare.

                                                        1. re: lucyis

                                                          I also had the random thought that I wondered if Rachael was maybe a little... how to put it... jealous? or threatened? by Kelsey.

                                                          Now obviously Rachael has accomplished way more, made millions, etc.... but you know how women can feel when placed next to someone cuter and younger. And Kelsey has all those perky, smiley, cute (and sometimes frankly annoying) Rachael Ray traits.

                                                          1. re: Mellicita

                                                            Rachel didn't get where she is by being soft. Even though this is the 21st century we women still need to watch out for the newer, cuter (albeit cloyingly so) dish. Mario can get away with being fat and Alston can go bald but Rachel's got cute and when that's over there isn't much else for her.

                                                            1. re: lucyis

                                                              WOW, how do you explain Julia Child and other note worthy chefs.

                                                              1. re: cook52

                                                                i was going to post the same thing cook53

                                                                e.g. a few more

                                                                lidia, ina garten, paula deen, martha stewart!???

                                                                tis true RR built her empire on cute but she COULD have staying power (lol like it or not right?) because of her widespread fan base

                                                                1. re: sugarsnapp

                                                                  thank you, there are so many deserving female chefs and cooks. I am not saying they are unpleasant or NOT CUTE, but their achievements are based on their skills and knowledge.

                                                                  1. re: cook52

                                                                    Very true you just won't see too many of them on FN

                                                                    1. re: Withnail42

                                                                      To me, FN is no longer a legitimate cooking program, it is more of a side show with a circus atmosphere

                                                                      1. re: cook52

                                                                        That 'legitimate cooking' ship has long since sailed if not sunk.

                                                      3. Does anyone know where Shane did his externship after graduating from the C.I.A.? If he's so interested in French cooking and techniques, it seems logical that he should have gone there.

                                                        From the finalists that are left, I don't think I could watch a show hosted by any of them.

                                                        1. I'm wondering now if in fact Lisa did make it to the finals. These public 'appearances' and talking about what a good and caring person she is combined the new softer look are her way of garnering public support and getting votes for the finale.

                                                          Is she campaigning?