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Jul 6, 2008 08:02 PM

TNFNS- 7/6/08 elimination (spoiler inside)

I can't believe Shane is gone.

He was the one chef on there that I would have really enjoyed watching.
I would especially have like to know how he consistently turns out perfectly cooked meat and fish.

The judges are nuts.

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        1. Musings:
          What a surprise. Aaron and Adam, the two contestants I thought were headed out the door last week were the two that did best this week.

          I hope that when Shane left saying that now he would have to figure out what he was going to do with his life, he was not talking about giving up on cookings. He is clearly very talented.

          I am now finding that I am rooting for Lisa, but it looks like it is anyone's to win. Let's see, if I were betting -- given what we've seen; what we know so far -- I think I would bet on Aaron or Lisa. They both have work to do, but I think the odds are strongest for them. Keley is really too young; she hasn't taken her power yet and although Adam looked very strong tonight, he may still be a little too erratic.

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          1. re: chicgail

            Lisa is really up and down for me. Going into this episode her stock was on the rise, but then when she started talking to her brownie buddy about haricot vere and describing horseradish cream "like regular horseradish with remoulade" I wanted to smack some sense through those bangs. Then she gets on RR and the wheels start coming off and now I'm feeling sorry for her. This woman is a roller coaster.

            Did any one else notice Shane's expression when he was introduced to his kid companion? It was as if some have him a bag of poop.

            1. re: kmcarr

              I've seen only a few episodes, but I thought Lisa deserved to go last night.

              Lisa failed both parts of the challenge. In developing the menu, she basically told the kid what she wanted; she ended up making steak, which the kid said she didn't like! And she was absolutely terrible on camera. I thought she was much worse than Shane.

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