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NY wedding venues

We are looking to have an October 2009 wedding in or around manhattan for around 140 people. We want it to have a cozy, october feel creating an intimate setting. Trying to stay away from standard banquet hall feel, ie no ruffly curtains, old carpets, ornate furniture. Any suggestions?

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  1. Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth, at 14th street. On the top floor (duh!), hard wood floors, big arching windows, fun, open, urban-ish loft space. In-house catering, and it's quite good, prices reasonable, esp for the city. 140 guests would be easy.

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      I like Manhattan Penthouse as well--I go there annually for a reunion party. I am having an October wedding in the city this year and we're going with Union Square Ballroom. It's decidedly NOT a typical wedding venue, though. Another good one to consider would be Studio 450. The newly-constructed Chelsea Arts Tower was spectacular, but 140 might be tight and it's on the expensive side just for the venue. Both Studio 450 and Chelsea Arts require outside catering; Union Sq Ballroom has its own.

    2. First, Congratulations! Second, if not too personal, what is your budget?

      Abigail Kirsch has some good venues in the city. If you do not have to do Manhattan, there Stage 6 Venue is nice as is there botanical gardens venue.

      I have to recommend the Boathouse in Central Park (disclosure, my wedding venue). I know there are mixed reviews, but based on 10+ events that I have been too, the boathouse food is above par compared to most banquet food (not compared to 11MP) that I have had and can be really good if you pick the right items. Also 140 would fit fine. My experience with the staff has been professional as well.

      Cannot speak on others inside of Manhattan, although many venues will lease you the space, but you still have to find the catering,

      Good Luck

      1. Close friends of mine had a wedding about that size at The Foundry, in Long Island City.


        I thought it was a terrific venue. Cool feel, easy to get to from Manhattan, great outdoor space.

        1. It was too big for my wedding but might for your size. Smack Mellon. A beautiful industrial space in brooklyn, but with a grand scale and high ceilings that lends it the elegance that makes it work for a wedding.

          1. I had mine in May at Battery Gardens. It was totally amazing! I think the fall down there in the park could be just beautiful. I suggest you check them out. The price was reasonable and the experience was fabulous!!!

            1. Take a look at The Liberty House in Jersey City. It's right on the water and has really wonderful views of lower Manhattan skyline.

              1. You could take a look at Moran's (10th Ave at 19th St.). It's a beautiful old New York space with a large stone fireplace in the main room. I'm just not sure if it would fit 140; but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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                  I have looked at a bunch of wedding venues in Manhattan - I loved the Boathouse in CP, but heard that the food was not so good - LANDSHARK, it sounds like you had a great experience, what did you pick for the menu? Right now, my top choice is Abigail Kirsch at the Chelsea Piers Lighthouse. I have heard good things about the food and the venue is great - slate and hardwood floors, lots of windows, not overdone at all!

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                    Abigail Kirsch's venues are really nice. It is hard to please everyone when serving 140+ . The one thing we did not like was the fact there was no tasting to help you decide on what you wanted to serve. Through experiences some of her stuff is great, some of it average, and nothing has been bad.

                    I personally have never had a bad experience at the boathouse and most have been buffet style. Overall, I think the food is on or above par with a lot of the other banquet venues in the city.

                    At our tasting the overall experience was good. There was some food that we hoped would have been better, but decided not to serve it.

                    We liked: the scallop ceviche (better flavors and presentation than the lobster supplement).

                    Entrees: Filet. I have learned through experiences at the boathouse and every other venue to order RARE if you are looking for medium rare. This has been the only way I have gotten my steak right at any venue that is serving 100+ people at once.

                    Chilean Seabass We did not want chicken and had a few fish eating veggies in the crowd. The fish has a great flavor and did not dry out thanks to the oil in the fish. Our favorite of the fish dishes that we tried.

                    Negatives: Have to outsource a wedding cake.

                    Food was not the only factor (although important) we considered. The location played a huge part in the decision as well.

                    Give them a call and set up an appointment.

                    I am sure you would be happy with the Lighthouse should you choose to go there. It is a great venue and like I said in my earlier post Abigail is good and consistent.

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                      Feaster--total disclosure, Lighthouse was our wedding venue and we loved everything about it. The food that I managed to scarf down during the cocktail hour was great, and people are STILL raving about it months later.

                      Niffer--it might be too stuffy/ornate for your tastes, but another place to look at might be 24 Fifth Avenue.

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                        Thanks PetiteSyrah - I think we are going to go with the Lighthouse! Thanks for the input! Are there any dishes that are musts?

                  2. What's the price range per head for Manhattan Penthouse? anyone know?

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                      I think it's around $110 - $150 pp, but it totally depends on how many guests you have, and whether you are doing a buffet or seated dinner.

                    2. Check out the upstairs rooms at Keen's steakhouse in the 30s. Very intimate and cozy, but not ruffly. Also, Village bistro has a nice double-height room and balcony in back. Check the indiebride boards for New York locations that aren't restaurants.

                      1. Had my October wedding at Tribeca Rooftop www.tribec.com and everything about the space, the service, the food was great.