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Jul 6, 2008 07:48 PM

Saturday brunch buffet?

Hi everyone,

For our post-wedding morning my bride and I would like to have a brunch with everyone because they're all out-of-country/town.
Is there any nice brunch buffet that's open on Saturdays in the bay area?
We were thinking of something like the cliff house and preferably something where everyone pays a flat fee for the buffet...

We are thankful for any help!

Paul & Nicole

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  1. Recent thread with description by very reliable chowhound with pictures on the thread.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Well, yes ... but ... it is not a full-blow buffet like the Cliff House with only one egg dish, sausages and bacon. Also, it cuts off at 10 am.

      Here was an old thread on the subject that might be a help.

      If you truly mean breakfast and not somthing late-morning/early afternoon there is the Garden Court

      Since you are using the Cliff House as your standard ... which was actually one of the most destestable buffets I've had in my life .... a step up with a much, much better selection of dishes is at Hs Lordship in Berkeley which has plenty of parking and a great water view.

      Now I haven't eaten there yet, and there are naysayers, but I have stopped by to scope it out and it looks a thousand times better than anything from the Cliff House ... easier parking, better view and four times as many items offered.

      Seasons mentioned in the link doesn't offer a buffet brunch.

      That hotel across from the Metreon on the corner of 4th and Market at one time had lunch and breakfast buffets daily, but I'm not sure if they still do. Another one I just looked at but didn't eat. Visually, Hs. Lordship wins.

      If you have some time before the wedding, you might check some of these out.

      Congrats ... and hope you report back about what you choose and how people liked it. It will help others like yourself looking for something similar.

      1. re: rworange

        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
        Went to brunch @ Hs Lordships this morning and it was GREAT! Much much better than the type of brunch we were used to from Germany!!
        Made reservations for our event right after! A little far away from Burlingame, but with a view on the bridge this even counts as a tourist attraction! :)
        (btw. never ate at the Cliff House brunch, however it looked nice and the format was like something we were looking for)


        Paul & Nicole

        1. re: PaulRiedel

          Thanks for reporting back. This place gets dumped on alot but it looked good to me. I suspect my inlaws who aren't adventurous eaters would like it. Maybe next Thanksgiving.

          Hmmm ... Burlingame.If I think of anything closer I'll report back. Saturday is the problem though. There are a few on Sunday on the Peninsula I think.

          HS Lordships
          199 Seawall Drive, Berkeley, CA 94710