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Jul 6, 2008 07:33 PM

Dinner for Boyfriend's Birthday!

My boyfriend requested that we stay in and have dinner on his 26th birthday this tuesday, so I am going to (try to) make him a wonderful dinner (complete with candles, balloons, great wine/champagne, etc.)
SO far I have decided to make some sort of starter salad or vegetable, filet mignon and mashed potatoes as the main course. I would also like to make an appetizer to put out with champagne while I prepare dinner and either a chocolate cake or red velvet cake for dessert. Any ideas for easy preparation or recipes that will work for this dinner? I want to make it as special as possible (as he opted to stay in for dinner rather than go out) without making it too complicated. Any good recipes for:
1) a starter salad or great vegetable dish
2) easy filet mignon and mashed potatoes (with red wine)
3) good appetizer to put out with champagne while I prepare dinner
4) chocolate or red velvet cake.
The menu will be for two. It is my birthday the next day, so it is okay if there is some left over cake! I would appreciate any tips to make this as special (but less stressful) as possible! Thank you sooooooo much!

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  1. for a starter why not do a shrimp cocktail, for salad a simple wedge of iceberg and blue cheese dressing with crispy bacon. I would do a baked potato ( easier than mashed and do the filet pan seared in butter take up befor done then do a red wine reduction in the searing pan and finish the steaks the last min. before serving. A simple vegging would be steamed asparagus bundles. Have fun and Happy Birthday to both of you.

    1. I like the idea of a baked potato, I would probably make a sour cream dressing to top it and add some bacon and fresh chives. I'm not an iceberg fan, so I'd go with a fresh baby spinach with mushrooms, mandarin oranges and glazed pecans, and a light balsamic dressing. Have a great birthday!.....both of you!

      1. Unless you’re sold on filet mignon, may I suggest ribeye. Much more flavor. A good steak needs no pre-flavoring for me, but if you wish you can use a dry rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne or chili powder.

        Here are a bunch of appetizer ideas, probably too many. To meet your criteria, I’d suggest No. 47. Simple and tasty:


        I inherited a chocolate cake recipe from my mother that’s so tasty I think frosting only detracts from the flavor (whipped cream, not the prepackaged stuff, is great, though). In looking around the web I found it’s a classic Hershey’s. So good:


        1. LOVE that he requested that you stay in for dinner...how romantic and you can really shine..nothing like spoiling the boyfriend!
          Are these his fav foods?
          Music is a must...love Paris lounge music..
          Champagne with a shrimp cocktail is a nice starter along with a great Bordeaux for dinner.
          Is he a sauce guy?...you can use that for the mash pot's too..saute mushrooms garlic..or maybe a bernaise..
          Both of you have a wonderful birthday!

          1. for a salad, how about spinach leaves, sundried tomatoes and/or roasted red peppers, figs, blue cheese, olives and a balsamic vinegarette?

            for an app, i almost want to suggest some cheese, but fear that it might infringe upon appetite for the rest of the meal. maybe some tomatoes, basil and mozzarella balls skewered. or, perhaps some crostini with an eggplant tapenade or caponata. there's also a thread on here that listed a great moroccan carrot puree that would be good served with bread or crackers http://yumminessnsues.blogspot.com/20...

            for a chocolate cake, try the Double Layer Cake on Epicurious.