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Jul 6, 2008 07:12 PM

El Borrego de Oro

OK went her for biarra soup, after read all about the place, first bite I felt overwelmed but 1/2 way through the bowl, I was all this is good and by the end I couldn't get enough, I see why they got all the fabulous reviews! Salsaholic I am, have to report about that, finally place had the table salsa with heat, you don't have to ask for the personal stuff they make in the back....DH had the taco plate just to see and he was overwelming happy, so that is a good thing!
WE will go back.....


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  1. That dish IS sublime, and so is their Birria plate. There are people with blogs in Europe praising those dishes, and look forward to going to that place first thing they come to Austin. Last time I ate there I was the only guero in a crowded dining room.

    1. I really enjoyed the Birria plate but I had one issue: Birria envy.

      My friend and I both ordered the plate but he was graced with so many more crispy bits than myself. His plate was gilded with that sweet carniverous carmelization. I really coveted my neighbors plate, and while my own was delicious, how I wanted to worship at the alter of his golden lamb.

      Next time I may request the crispy bits specifically.