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Jul 6, 2008 07:02 PM

wedding rehearsal places close to new brunswick

looking for ideas for a rehearsal dinner for approx 20 ppl near new brunswick...any help??

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  1. Hotoke on George Street has an upstairs section that is open and overlooks the entire restaurant. If you are looking for something a bit more casual try harvest moon. They also have a private room upstairs that easily holds more than 20 people. Good Luck.

    1. Depending on your cuisine & budget, there are several great eating establishments in New Brunswick that should do a good job. Just outside of New Brunswick, Bensi on Route 1/Route 130 in North Brunswick has decent Italian food (not da Fillippo's level, of course) with a good atmosphere & a private room (they close off the front room).

      I got married at St. Matthias RC Church in Somerset last year, and had my rehearsal dinner at Pheasant's Landing on Amwell Ave in Hillsborough. They did a great job, working up a menu with my in-laws: Salad, entree (choice of 4), dessert (chocolate mousse) and wine service. We had a private room upstairs that was great as we had several young children. It gave many of our guests a sense the Somerset scenic area with the drive to the restaurant & the feel of the place.

      1. Hey, p314n,

        Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

        In order for Hounds to make make appropriate suggestions, it would be helpful to have a few specifics. Cuisine preferences? Casual or fancier? Private room? Per person budget for food (alcoholic beverages, tax & tip additional)?

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          thank you! thanks for offering suggestion assistance. we wanted something semi-private and we both suffer from having parents who don't want super fancy meals. my mom is usually fine eating a salad and i can't imagine taking a foray into foie gras anytime soon! there really is no budget as we only have 20 people and that is relatively small compared to wedding parties this day and age! i did contact lucas on rt. 27 but they said for a friday we would have to guarantee about 40 to basically close the restaurant...which leaves us at looking for places who might be able to accommodate us on a friday evening in the spring.

        2. The Frog & Peach is worth taking a look at! -mJ